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STAY HEALTHY! A Caribbean Recipe for staying young and prolonging the pleasures of life!

If someone offers you a “magic” diet, take a close look at his photo. Does he look trim and healthy? Let me tell you how I lost 50 pounds of excess weight in just a few months without dieting or excruciating exercise.
It’s been 12 years since I left the stressful city of Los Angeles and moved to the Caribbean. Here I swim and dive, fish and sail, bike every morning, drink wine, love women, and they love me. Can it be said that I lead a healthy lifestyle? In this story, the main characters will be you too, not just me.

All my life I’ve been friendly with sports. never went to a doctor, except maybe the dentist. But when I turned 55, I was gaining weight. I fought it as best I could: I went to the gym and sauna five days a week. I swam in the ocean and ran three miles every morning. I eliminated bread, vodka, sugar, and fatty meats from my diet. But I was still gaining weight!
Everyone at the gym envied my muscles, but when I shaved in the morning, I hated the look on my face. I gained 230kg, my waist went from a size 36 to a size 44, and my bum and belly grew. I realized that the problem was my lifestyle. If you live in a big, crowded city where the supermarkets sell synthetic foods, if you sit in front of a computer for hours – at the end of the day you accumulate stress. You drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes to minimize it, but nothing helps you to stay healthy. Almost nothing.

Eventually, I decided to change my life. After collecting my pension, I left my beloved Los Angeles and fled to the jungle. I fell in love with the wild Caribbean tropics the first time I visited. It is now my new home. Years later, I can honestly say that I have never regretted my decision. I have been a sailor all my life, circumnavigated the globe, seen every part of our planet, and lived in 4 different countries. So my decision was justified by my experience.
I think it would not surprise you that not a single American would live on a $500 pension. Simply because many do not know how to cook at home. They will eat and drink in restaurants and not limit themselves to almost anything. Maybe because they think they have enough money on credit cards to eat out. They are helpless without those credit cards or money from their parents. I said many, but not all. Some can survive.

Living in a new place has made me addicted to the fruits that are so abundant in the tropics. Juicy mangoes and cashews, bananas and papayas, guavas, oranges, grapefruits, and limes – they make great juices! I try not to buy imported fruit from the market. The local fruit trees and vegetable fields need no chemistry, the sea breeze, sun, and warm tropical rains are the best gardeners. Besides there are fruit trees everywhere and the season for them is 10 months of the year with a short break for the Christmas holidays. So, fruits became the main part of my daily ration.
I like to drink a smoothie in the morning after walk and swim. A big cup of blended juice made with papaya, banana, and orange is enough before lunch. A cup of coffee with milk or honey could be a bit later.
During the day I drink water with ice and lemon, in the heat I like to mix water with dry wine, which I learned to make myself. I like fishing and go for it often. I prepare my lunch, it is either chicken meat or caught fish with vegetables.

I learned how to make frozen fruit sorbet. A portion of frozen mango and banana slices is mixed with coconut water and blended. The sorbet is thicker with added milk cream, but no sugar. I do not deprive myself of anything, but I do eat a little. And I bake my bread according to Italian recipes. It has no preservatives, no sodium, and a minimum of yeast. During the day I can have fruit snacks if I want to.
Life is a pleasure when it is simple, and simplicity is what we have lost in our urban life.
After a few months of living in a new place, and changing diet, my swimming trunks started to fall off. Within 5 months I was back to my size 46 waist. My weight returned to normal at 85kg and my belly disappeared. I was happy to be me again, without the simulators in the gym!

For the last five years of my life in Los Angeles, I dreamed of getting back to a normal life of torturing myself on exercise machines. And now that I had lost weight in such a natural way, I was searching for the answer to the phenomenon of what was happening to me.
The answer came to me with the help of the Freemasons…..
One of my local friends, John, was a tall overweight American. He was 10 years younger than me but looked older. We met every morning for a cup of coffee at a beachside bar. On John’s finger, I noticed a circlet ring. I know these attributes of the Masonic order, so I asked him what rank he was. They call it a “degree.” John said he was a 32nd-degree Mason. In their hierarchy, that’s colonels. The highest 33rd degree was Trotsky and David Rockefeller. They were generals of the order.

John and I chatted about this and that. When I told him my weight loss story and mentioned my banana and papaya cocktail, he pointed up his finger and said, ‘Oh yes, that’s potassium!
Having lived most of my life without going to the doctor or taking any pills, I had no idea what potassium was and how it worked. I knew about calcium and magnesium, but not potassium.
So I asked John for some information. My question confused him because he started huffing and muttering something about bananas… I delicately changed the subject, realizing that the colonel, like me, knew nothing about potassium…
Later, at home, I typed the word into a search engine. And I learned that potassium in our blood is the most essential mineral for life. If there is too little potassium in the blood, the heart stops working. This is especially dangerous for smokers, drinkers, and drug addicts. Young people whose bodies are stronger can cope with these problems. But frankly, most people are careless until the bell rings to warn them about it. This information shocked me. It turns out that knowing nothing about the magical power of potassium I chose to incorporate papaya into my morning smoothie instinctively!

The next day I told John what I had learnt about potassium and he asked me for the source. I never found out if this information was useful to the colonel because his wife forced him to return to the USA and I lost contact with my coffee friend.
So I searched the Internet and found some more information. The sensational information was that potassium in our blood should be 5 times more than sodium to maintain a vital balance. The scandalous details about the food sold to the public by the chain of supermarkets were discovered by specialists with doctorates; they claim that in all supermarket products, the amount of sodium is twice that of potassium! The supermarkets force the producers to add more preservatives into food to keep the canned food longer on the shelves. So much for the cause of obesity, blood, liver, and kidney diseases, premature impotence, and so on. It is naive to think that companies will change the situation they have created. It is naive to ask them to give up an extra profit.

To survive, we have to take care of our health. With the internet, nothing is cheaper than information these days. Not knowing how to get it can cost all your money, your health, and even your life. A lack of curiosity can cost you all you have. Obesity has become a national disease for 80% of Americans, often due to a lack of information. They have no time to learn, they are busy making money. The reason for these people’s ignorance is that they say that if the information does not help their business, then they do not need it. Probably the curiosity of such people was castrated earlier, at school.

Food companies successfully exploit this ignorance factor in their business by adding preservatives to food. Their strategy is understandable – they simply want to extend the life of a product on the supermarket shelf. There are two other partners in their business. The pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) sell pills to those who are poisoned by the food companies. And the third partner in their business is the undertaker. In this way, society has a rotation of population and the replacement of old people by young workers is well organized.

When we are young, our bodies resist disease. We are frivolous and careless, we drink and eat everything and do not give our bodies rest even at night. The body suffers, but not asking for mercy yet.
But one day we were over 40 and we began to get upset. We have pains here and there, our stomachs crawl out of our trousers, and we have circles in our eyes. Our immune system is worn down, its armor corroded, and we are now open to all sorts of germs and bacteria; a cold can end in tragedy. For some people, a cold turns into a coronavirus.
This can be a tragedy for us, our loved ones, and our friends. Because when a person dies, he does not know that he is dead. But his loved ones suffer and grieve. So if you are frivolous in your life and eating habits, at least pity your loved ones.
Here’s an A-B-C :
A) Take more walks in the fresh air. Your blood needs oxygen, not carbon dioxide.
B) Always read the information on food packages. If you do, you will be surprised at the amount of sodium and other preservatives in ALL foods and juices, without exception. It is poison for your blood
C) If the information shocks you, it is a good sign that you are starting to use your brain before you load your stomach.


PAPAYA, BANANA, COCONUT JUICE! Have this cocktail every morning! If coconut water is not available, freshly squeezed orange juice can be an alternative. But coconut water is a magical flush for your kidneys and liver.
Eat fresh fruit, not canned! Whenever possible, buy ripe papayas and bananas and freeze them skinless. The freeze breaks fiber to release vitamins inside the fruit. Peel the fruit before freezing, cut it into pieces, and wrap it in food-grade plastic. In the morning, put your frozen fruit in a blender and add the juice. You can also use skimmed milk. Drink 300-500 ml of this cocktail on an empty stomach. Such a breakfast will recharge the battery of your life. Nothing else, especially NO biscuits or rolls! And NO sugar!
If you like morning walks, drink a glass of water before your walk and your cocktail afterward.
If you like to sleep longer, you should understand that morning walks are that what you need when the morning air is saturated with ozone and the aromas of the sea breeze. Go to bed earlier to get 8 hours of sleep, not less, and wake up earlier. This is the only technique you need. After the morning walk, let your system absorb its vitamins. After 1 or 2 hours you can drink coffee but without sugar.

If papaya is not available in your climate zone, don’t worry. Another 28 fruits and vegetables contain potassium, including avocados, almonds, and nuts, all citrus fruits, cucumbers, spinach, potatoes, and even cow’s milk. Fruits can help satisfy hunger throughout the day, but make sure you eat them in small portions. In the afternoon, you can eat whatever you like. But remember the goal – you want to get yourself back to normal, don’t you?

We are all human, and we are all different, as are our habits and cravings. Some people like to sleep long and have a big breakfast, others like to get up early and just have a cup of coffee. But after you’ve passed forty, you need to realize a few things. Don’t eat a lot of meals. If you load yourself up with a dozen different, often incompatible foods, your digestive system will become confused. As a result, waste products will build up in your blood vessels and block your circulation. It is best to eat one meal and should not have a sweet dessert after it. Meat or fish, but no fancy side dishes, better just vegetables. And the ideal dessert would be a glass of table wine mixed with water.

In the evening, you can eat any salad, even a hearty one, maybe crab sticks with cheese and tomatoes, for example. The tea with lemon you should drink all day. Make a lemon replace salt and vinegar in your food. The lemon is a magical citrus.

A woman pharmacologist I know gave me a recipe for a magic cocktail: garlic, liquid honey, and lemon. For men, it restores potency. For women, it delays menopause, evens out the menstrual cycle, and prolongs youth. The skin stays fresher and wrinkle-free longer, which is every woman’s dream. My acquaintance is already over 40, and she looks amazingly young.
Ingredients can be mixed in any proportion. Make a tincture and drink two tablespoons a day. Garlic is a stinging vegetable, but its sting can be “released”. Place an unpeeled head of garlic in a preheated oven for a few minutes until soft. The garlic will lose its bitterness and pungent odor, but not its minerals. It will be safe to eat like any other vegetable. To prepare a cocktail, cool the garlic, peel it, crush it with a fork, and mix it with honey and lemon. Store the resulting tincture in the refrigerator.
The results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks, and then you can limit yourself to one spoonful of tincture a day.
Do not store the tincture for a long time. Prepare it in such a volume that it is enough for two or three weeks. There are no restrictions on alcohol, tobacco, and other hobbies, but use them in moderation.

Please read carefully on the Internet about potassium, an essential mineral found in the blood. Copy and save the valuable information. Read again, because scanning the text with your eyes once is not enough, you may miss something important. So read it again to make sure you don’t miss important details.
We all love potatoes. But boiling water destroys the potassium in potatoes. The most delicious and healthy crusted potatoes are baked on fire. Garlic can be baked in the same way.
You can also grill potatoes. Wash it thoroughly, and sprinkle it with salt, but do not peel it! Grease the inside of a piece of foil with butter, wrap the potatoes in the foil, and grill over a fire or on a grill. You can stuff the potatoes with garlic. Is this a good excuse for a picnic?

Years after I lost an extra 50 kilos, my weight is still normal. Most importantly, I have rebuilt my body’s defenses and normalized my metabolism, with all my systems working as they did when I was younger, and it only took me six months. Say goodbye to heartburn and constipation, headaches and colds.
Sure, sometimes my weight fluctuates. This happens after long holidays when everyone eats fatty meat, and drinks rum and beer. After such gluttony, I have to discipline myself.
Dry wine helps a lot. A wine mixed fifty-fifty with water protects me from the negative effects of food and provides my body with vitamins and minerals.

When I was a fisherman, we had to work on the deck of a trawler under the blazing tropical sun for weeks and months. We were given dry wine, which protects the body from dehydration and keeps us strong. Dry wine mixed with water is a good diet that relieves hunger and saturates the blood with natural vitamins and minerals. Since I came to live in the tropics I drink dry wine mixed with water and ice cubes, and I add lime or lemon to it.
I bake my focaccia bread with herbs, olives, and garlic. And I make my cream cheese!
Warm and flavored bread with cheese and a glass of wine -this was the usual diet of the ancient Greeks and Romans. So why shouldn’t we enjoy it?

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