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    Dear Friends! In this section you will find information about new releases on the site and more. Please feel free to leave your comments and wishes here. Thank you and have a pleasant journey into the world of the unknown!

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    New releases in the History and Politics section! For those who like to find unknown or hidden facts and mysteries of World War II (1939-1945), chapters from my book ‘Hidden Traces of the Grey Wolf’ are published regularly and almost daily.

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    Like the story about salty wine? You will find more salty tales under the category ARTICLES. Enjoy reading!

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    Some of my life adventures can be found in the NOVELS and STORIES sections of the website. All stories and facts are real, they happened in my life!

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    The press called him the most dangerous man in Europe. In “History and Politics”, read the story of how he kidnapped Italian dictator Mussolini

  6. Walter Maria Avatar

    Where did the Nazis hide the stolen gold? Did you know that much of the treasure has not been found and is still waiting for clever and brave adventurers? Read the latest publications from my book “Hidden Traces of the Grey Wolf”.

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    A collection of political pamphlets is presented in the “Journalism” category. The world community still does not understand the nature, mentality, morals, and traditions of the people of the vast country called Russia. This political entity comprises more than two dozen Asian tribes whose ancestors invaded Europe during Genghis Khan’s time. In the 20th century, under their leader Stalin, one of the main perpetrators of the Second World War, they threatened Europe with a new invasion. The result of that war was a long occupation of part of Europe. They want to repeat it in our time by threatening the world with nuclear weapons, which they have managed to steal from the West. The world community never realized who they were dealing with. The cycle is written in Russian, first of all, for those who pretend to be civilized, remain savages, and prepare the world for a new world war.

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