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THE WORLD IS RULED BY MADMEN (chapters from the book).

Of all the predators on the planet, man is the most dangerous because nature has endowed him with reason. If an animal kills its prey to be satisfied, man kills all those who prevent him from being satisfied. After thousands of years of life on the planet, many species of predators became extinct, unable to adapt to the new conditions of the struggle for survival. Humans survived. Gathering into communities and choosing the most cunning and devious leaders, they subordinated the entire animal world to their power and turned to the destruction of their kind. Their bloodlust knows no bounds – if there are two humans will be left alive on the planet, they will continue to hunt each other.

The man who aspires to power realizes that he must capture the minds of the masses to subjugate those who would choose him as leader. Manic in his ambition, he turns to the works of philosophers in search of a suitable theory that would help him deceive the people with beautiful tales of a bright future. Having found such a theory, he throws the verbal poison into the roaring crowd and, having obtained the desired power, begins to realize his innermost plans. He knows that only war will ensure him a long and lasting power over his subjects, so he prepares this war, using political and religious differences, inventing an external enemy, inciting the hatred of his people against him, patriotism, and willingness to sacrifice. This is his tactic to deceive his people to gain power over them. To the enemy he uses diplomacy, trying to convince him of his friendship. To attack him at an opportune moment.


    All philosophers who created their doctrines ended their lives in an asylum, some of them committed suicide. The craziest of them once became the fetish of the crowd, glorified by it. Later they were overthrown by the same crowd and their names were forgotten. The crowd is driven by emotion. People trample on the idols they worshipped yesterday. In this drama of the incompatibility of the happiness of some at the cost of the blood of millions of others, the Supreme Being once bequeathed to man, “Thou shalt not kill“. For one cannot find happiness at the expense of the suffering of others.

Nature has punished many philosophers by depriving them of reason. The Russian classic Leo Tolstoy concluded: “The world is ruled by madmen. The reasonable either cannot or refrain…”. But who listens to the classics? People don’t want to listen even to God, even though they worship him.
The ideologue of the French Revolution, which plunged the country into the darkness of the bloody terror of the guillotine, was the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. Having finished the next chapter of his work, he would run out into the street in ecstasy at what he had written, pull down his trousers, and shake his genitals in front of the public. For this, he was repeatedly beaten. In the works of psychiatrists, such a disease is called exhibitionism. But the madman’s ideas infected millions of minds! The twentieth century was the century of the triumph of the philosophy of madmen: Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Usher Ginsberg.


The German Jew Levi Mordehai (1818-1883), born in Prussia and hiding under the pseudonym Karl Marx, drew his knowledge from the delusional writings of Saint-Simon, Comte, and Fourier, creators of utopian socialism who shared wives and children. The creators of the doctrine ended their research in a madhouse, and Marx himself realized their model of socialism in his own family, by making a child with a family servant and transferring paternal rights for a child to his friend Friedrich Engels. But Marx wanted more. He dreamed of world recognition, of a humanity that would bow before the greatness of his thought:

“I will build myself a throne on a great cold mountain,
surrounded by human fear, where grim pain reigns.
Soon I will hurl my titanic curses upon humanity….
By accepting my teaching, the world will foolishly perish…”.

Marx, the grandson and great-grandson of Jewish rabbis, poisoned the minds by mixing the ideas of perverse philosophers with the misanthropic ideas of Talmudists. Did he create his doctrine for the happiness of nations? A schizophrenic was driven by his illness, one of the manic syndromes of which is megalomania. Marx created his work to satisfy his sick desires. He dreamed of immortalizing his name in history by drowning the world in blood. This vile doctrine, in which a madman pitted the poor against the rich, was called Marxism.



Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was also born in Prussia. His father and both his grandfathers were Lutheran pastors. Writing about the choosiness of a race, Nietzsche became a victim of his fabrications. The philosopher was sent to an asylum where he spent the last 11 years of his life. Nietzsche did not recognize himself as a German: “I am a pure-blooded Polish nobleman, without a single drop of dirty blood, certainly without German blood”. I wonder what Hitler himself and his Nazi leaders, who accepted Nietzsche’s philosophy as the ideology of a superior race, made of this philosopher’s confession?

Nietzsche’s and Marx’s fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers were religious preachers, which certainly became an influential factor in shaping the ideas of their political doctrines. Raised in families of religious theorists, ambitious and dreaming of world fame, Marx and Nietzsche learned from their ancestors the most important thing: to dream of their greatness, to create philosophies that would poison the minds of millions. Behind the loud phrases about the happiness of nations lay the real intention. Both philosophies expressed the same idea – power in the world should belong to a small, select group of people, while the rest should remain enforcers and slaves. The idea of the madmen Marx and Nietzsche was accepted by the bankers and politicians who rushed into the fight for world domination. Their revolutionary soldiers hurled slogans about the happiness of nations into the crowds, tantalized the imagination of the hungry and poor with the utopia of universal equality, and provoked them to destruction and killing. The mobs, mad with slogans and vodka, destroyed, robbed, and killed. Europe, infected by the plague of these theories, was devastated by revolutions and wars.



The philosophies of Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche spawned spiders that devoured each other in the struggle for leadership. The most bloodthirsty and tenacious spider was militant Zionism, which absorbed the ideas of both philosophers. In the twentieth century, the gnawing spiders for world domination cost the peoples of Europe several revolutions and two world wars in which more than a hundred million people died. In the Second World War, Marxist spiders gnawed at Hitler’s Nazism, after which Stalinist Communism convulsed for half a century until it died. After that, Zionism lost the backs it had been hiding behind and continued to make wars and conflicts on its way to world domination, revealing itself to the world in all its essence.

The United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution of 10 November 1975, branded Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination. Condemned, stigmatized. It’s time to consign it to the dustbin of history. But no, they won’t flush Zionism down the sewer of human waste. They have succeeded in infecting their philosophy and subjugating those who aspire to world power in many countries. Who are they? Please, have a passion to continue reading. Zionism is alive because, unlike Hitler’s Nazism and Stalin’s Communism, which openly and violently imposed their ideas on other nations, it exists in two faces, which it presents to the world according to the situation. It is a mimicry of Zionism. In the history of Zionism’s duplicity lies the key to understanding many of the events taking place in the world today, the key to the conspiracy of a new world war that has already killed millions and continues to kill more millions of people.

The founder of this theory was Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), an educated secular Jew who lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the nineteenth century. Jews in their countries of residence have little interest in devoting their activities to society. They prefer to remain transient citizens, parasitic moneylenders, middlemen, brokers, and simply swindlers, seeking profit and balancing the legality of their deeds in the pursuit of that profit. The natural dislike of the native population for the parasites for their machinations was labeled anti-Semitism by the Jews themselves. Theodor Herzl, observing the socio-ethnic conflict maturing in society, came to the conviction that Jews would never be happy in the countries where they lived. Herzl formulated the conclusion that Jews needed their own country into a theory he called “Zionism,” after Mount Zion in Palestine, where, according to Jewish tradition, Jews lived thousands of years ago. In life, Herzl was emotional, writing plays, poetry and prose. Emotion is good for poetry, but bad for the researcher. Reading playwright Herzl’s reflections on the nature of anti-Semitism, it is difficult to call his conclusions objective.

For example, Herzl did not look for an answer to the question of why people do not like Jews, nor did he delve into the heart of the problem. He used what his emotions dictated to conclude. In his work “The Jewish State” he explicitly stated: “All nations who have Jews are overt or covert anti-Semites.

In other words, according to Herzl, all non-Jews are enemies of the Jews. Living in civilized Europe, which gave him the best education, published his books, and staged his plays in theatres, Herzl saw every passer-by as a potential enemy. A classic example of schizophrenia, with its persecution mania. But Herzl hadn’t seen a psychiatrist. This neglect of his health eventually cost him his life, and he died at the age of 44.

If Herzl had been more curious in his search for an answer to the main question of why people of all countries do not have good feelings towards Jews, he would have found the main Jewish vice – Jews love money! To understand the causes of what the Jews call anti-Semitism, Herzl should have read the works of the Jew Karl Marx, in which the author directly pointed out that “the Jewish God is money”. For saying this, the Jews called Marx an anti-Semite.

All in all, of all the vices that man has inherited from his ancestors, the love of money is not the worst. There are worse vices. But the Jews differ from other people in that the smell of money drives them mad. To get their hands on money they commit forgery, extortion, and murder – acts which the nations of the world have written into their penal codes as serious crimes.
So Herzl was not criticizing his fellow Jews. He was criticizing the Europeans for not wanting to love the Jews. And he dreamed of a country for the Jewish people where there would be no enemies. The idealist Herzl dreamed of the land of Palestine plowed by calloused Jewish hands. He probably dreamed of the happy faces of Jewish oil workers and Jewish metallurgists building Israel’s industrial might. The idealist had few associates, and Jewish bankers refused to lend money to such a dubious project. They never saw Jewish steelworkers in their sleep.

But Herzl’s idea of a state became popular and found support in Jewish circles. The first Zionist Congress, held in 1897 in the Swiss city of Basel, declared Herzl the father of the doctrine. This recognition did not satisfy the ego of the founder of the theory for long, as he immediately met an opponent. This turned out to be Usher Ginzberg, also an educated polymath, but unlike Herzl, who tolerated Western culture, Ginzberg was a religious fanatic. At the Congress, Ginzberg called Herzl not a Zionist but a demagogue and proposed a world revolution to be carried out by Jews in all the countries in which they lived.
Ginzberg saw the creation of a Jewish state not as an end in itself, but as a springboard from which the Jews would launch their campaign for world domination. This was supposedly bequeathed to them by their God and reflected in the Talmud. That is why Ginzberg called his Zionism practical, rejecting the utopia of the dreamer Herzl. Militant Zionism proposed by Ginzberg liked many of the delegates to that first congress. But not to all of them. And the Jews were divided.

Years of protracted debate followed, as the result of which Theodor Herzl, the founding father of the first utopian model of Zionism, died of illness in 1904. He died to the satisfaction of his opponents and collaborators. Usher Ginzberg won and in 1913, at the 11th Zionist Congress in Vienna, his program of practical Zionism was adopted as the political program of world Jewry.
The following year, 1914, war broke out in Europe, which became a world war. Thirty-eight of the world’s 59 independent states representing two-thirds of the world’s population were involved in the war. Is there a connection between the Zionist program adopted at the 11th Zionist Congress and the outbreak of the World War? Let’s not guess. The answer was given soon when all the revolutions that followed in the three empires during that war were financed by the most powerful bankers in Europe and America. Who warmly supported and embraced Usher Ginzberg’s practical Zionism. They were all following the instructions of their idol, Karl Marx, who stated in his work that revolutions are born in wars.

But Herzl’s utopian Zionism did not die with the author, it came in handy! Even after his death, the Jews made the emotional playwriter work for the nation. His theory is constantly used by militant Zionists to cover up their true intentions. Through this cover-up, Zionism manages to evade responsibility for its crimes. In debates where Zionists are accused of the imperialist nature of their political program, they turn a surprised face and refer to the peaceful Zionism of Theodor Herzl, according to which Jews aspire to live in their land, just as all other peoples have the right to their land on the planet.
Herzl’s utopian Zionism is a sheep’s skin that the wolf puts on after damaging, killing, and stealing. From this sheep’s skin the wolf, pretending to be a sheep, bleats piteously that everyone insults him and wants to eat him. People listen to this bleating and feel sorry for him. That’s what the wolf needs.

Usher Ginzberg’s practical Zionism – is not advertised, It is for internal use. It is the wolf itself, in its skin. Its claws protrude from all the peace initiatives of the Zionists of America, from all their wars and conflicts with other countries. This program of Ginzberg’s practical Zionism has become the political program of the secret world government of which we are about to speak. The theses for practical Zionism were collected by Usher Ginzberg over many years by studying the works of Jewish philosophers who lived in previous centuries. Here are just a few:

1) “Politics has nothing to do with morality. Whoever wants to govern must resort to cunning and hypocrisy. Violence must be the principle, and cunning and hypocrisy the rule…”
2) “…To master public opinion, it is necessary to confuse society by causing so many contradictory opinions from different sides, until the goyim get lost in their labyrinths and realize that it is best not to have any opinion on political matters that society should not know, because only the one who governs society knows them…”
3) “…It is necessary to constantly clash the views of peoples and governments in all countries, to overwhelm everyone with strife, enmity, struggle, hatred … hunger… need, so that the goyim see no other result than to resort to our monetary and total domination. But if we give the nations a respite, the desired moment is unlikely ever to come…”.



Jews have never followed the laws of the society that adopted them. They are governed by the law of the Kagal, which commands them and demands that they obey that law alone. Disobedience threatens death or excommunication from the trough, from the whole community, which is governed by the law of circularity, as in the Mafia or the Masons. This excommunication is called ‘cherem’ (חרם) in Hebrew and is the highest measure of censure. It consists of the total exclusion of the condemned Jew from the community. This means that such an outcast will not be able to obtain refugee status and social benefits for life in idleness in any country in the world, where these benefits are guaranteed by corrupt governments bought by the Zionists.
Proof of the above is the fact that Israel has no constitution. The Jews claim to have a democratic state, but this is nonsense because everything is run by religion. Like in neighboring Iran, for example.
The Talmud, the main source of Jewish philosophy, explains that all the money in the world belongs to Jews. Therefore, when a Jew takes (or steals) money from a goy, he is not doing anything illegal, he is only returning what belongs to him, his property. And here any means of taking the money away is justified. That’s their philosophy. In a situation where a Christian is kept from temptation by the morality of his religion and the law, a Jew will break the law without hesitation, because the law is not written for him. This is the key to the success of Jews living in Christian countries. This is one of the reasons why Jews are in no hurry to return to the Promised Land, which they have dreamed of for thousands of years and which has finally been given to them. They are in no hurry to go to Israel. There is no one there to deceive, everyone there is just like them! Only the naïve or the criminals go there to escape punishment, knowing that their people will not betray them.

Because Karl Marx revealed to the world the secret of his people, the Jews branded him an anti-Semite. But can a Semite be anti-Semitic at the same time?
This question was answered by the Jew Otto Weininger in his book “Sex and Character”, published in St. Petersburg in 1914: “The most monstrous anti-Semites are always to be found among the Jews themselves…“. History proved Weininger right. In Hitler’s government: Hess, Himmler, Heydrich, Frank, and Eichmann, all with a touch of Jewish blood, killed their blood relatives. The former head of the Ku Klux Klan in Florida was a Jew. The seven nations of the Middle East are Semites. But Jews destroy their neighbors because they do not want to share their Semitism with their blood relatives. The list of anti-Semitic Jews would fill a book, and the very leaders of Zionism – among them, Herzl, Ginzberg, Jabotinsky, and Ben-Gurion – have convincingly confirmed this fact in their writings:

  • anti-Semitism was invented by them for political gain.
  • Anti-Semitism is a tactic of Zionism to cover up their deeds.
  • anti-Semitism is a Jewish business, a tool to extort money from the goyim.
    In conclusion, we can paraphrase Herzl by saying “All Jews who live in other nations are overt or disguised Zionists.”
    That is why people make repeated mistakes, step again on the same rake, and do not read what was bequeathed to them by the intelligent and observant. French politician and writer Edward Drumont (1844 – 1917) :
    “…As long as a social science does not study Jewry until then humanity will not be able to cook nothing but cat’s chowder…”.



“Get 50 rich Jewish financiers who make war for their profit under control and wars will be abolished. Henry Ford, American car manufacturer and author (1863-1947)”.

On a cold March morning in 1917, the steamship ‘Christiania fjord’ lazily blew its chimneys in New York harbor, preparing to sail for Europe.
A gentleman in a grey overcoat and rain-soaked hat stood out from the crowd of chilled passengers at the gangway. He looked like a traveling salesman or a pharmacist selling migraine pills, wearing a pince-nez and carrying a bag.
Who would have thought that beneath a wet hat was a messenger of powerful forces whose mission at his destination was not to heal, but quite the opposite? Soon in the countries of Europe, millions of people will be killed, according to the prescriptions of this “pharmacist”. The people of Europe will have a headache for a long time. This little man in a grey coat had an ordinary Jewish surname – Bronstein. But he will carry out his bloody deeds under the pseudonym Trotsky.
And at this time in Europe, in the trenches of the First World War, was a German soldier. He had just returned from hospital after being wounded in the Battle of the Somme. Pondering the future of Germany, he could not have imagined that when he returned home from the war he would devote his life to a deadly struggle against the injunctions of a man who was at this very moment climbing the gangway of a steamship in New York.


The Bolsheviks’ seizure of power in Russia.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Russian Empire was the most powerful power in the world. It occupied one-sixth of the earth’s land mass and accounted for more than half of the world’s oil production. It led the world in all indicators of development, boasting massive economic growth and huge investment potential. America lagged far behind. Russia was rich in grain and provided bread for the whole of Europe.
The empire of the House of Romanov, the Russian tsars who had ruled for three centuries, was not greedy; it had recently ceded Alaska to America for a mere $8 million. A generous gift, a mantle from the Tsar’s shoulders! The people of Russia loved their Tsar, their faith, and their country, and were prepared to fight and die for it.
In the world of people, there is always a jealous person who wants to take money from the rich. The rich Russian Empire annoyed the bankers of America and stood in the way of the bankers of Britain, who were building their global financial empire where everyone had to pay them interest. So they decided to rob Russia. The bankers started a great war in Europe to weaken three strong monarchies, to destroy their economies. One of these monarchies was Russia. But the plotters faced an obstacle – the ruler of the empire was the Tsar. It was impossible to buy the Tsar with money. He had plenty of it. The tsar had all the money in the empire. There was only one way – to get rid of the Tsar. But it had to be done by his subjects, so nobody could point finger on bankers. For this conspiracy to succeed, it was first necessary to switch off the consciousness of millions of people who loved their Tsar, their faith, and their country. And that is what the bankers entrusted to their hired chattering revolutionaries. They injected the peoples of the Russian Empire with such a dose that the crowds, stunned by a horse dose of the Marxist drug, could think of nothing else.

The 1916 revolution in Russia was carried out by Freemasons. Freemasonry does not recognize the borders of states. The organization and devotion to the general plan, the vow of silence taken by all members the death penalty for its violation, and the participation of the most educated representatives of the top – all this ensured the success of the conspiracy. Russian Freemasons were part of world Freemasonry and had the full support of their brothers all over the world. That is why the conspiracy succeeded. The Tsar of the Russian Empire abdicated and succumbed to the fatality of what was happening. The Romanov autocracy was overthrown. The Provisional Government was headed by the Freemason Alexander Kerensky. His cabinet outlined democratic reforms to unite Russia with civilized Europe. Russian Freemasons wanted no blood in this deal, but neither did they want to share power and Russian oil. The Masonic bankers, who had been set up to rob Russia, did not like this scenario. There was a conflict and the parties in it behaved like jackals fighting among themselves for pieces of meat dead lion.

The bankers of America and Europe decided to take advantage of the situation. A year earlier, the American International Corporation had been set up in New York to finance revolutionary groups. The corporation’s money fund was created by the banking houses of Morgan, Rockefeller, the National Bank of New York, and the Federal Reserve Bank. These were the main funders of Trotsky and Lenin. World War I was raging in Europe. The desired situation was approaching when the belligerents would exhaust their forces, their economies would be on the verge of collapse, and their peoples would be tired of living in fear and poverty. The moment was coming for the realization of the plan pointed out by their teacher Karl Marx. From America, the bankers sent a special squad to Russia. Trotsky, a Freemason of the highest degree, a general among Freemasons, headed the detachment. He knew Russia well, having tried his hand at the 1905 revolution.

On 26 March 1917, 275 Marxist-Zionists boarded a passenger liner in New York Harbor and set sail for Europe. The group was led by an unassuming man in a grey coat and rain-soaked hat who looked like a pharmacist.
In response, Kaiser Germany financed and sent to Russia a detachment led by Lenin, who hid his gang in a sealed wagon. He was tasked with taking Russia out of the war, closing the ruinous Eastern Front for Germany at any cost.
But apart from the German mission, Lenin had his plans.
He was preparing his detachment in Switzerland. Initially, its main sponsor was Imperial Germany, to which Lenin promised to give all the western lands of the Tsarist Empire. He was popularly called “the German spy”. Lenin’s intermediary in getting money from the Germans was a banker nicknamed “Parvus”. All the people involved in that political swindle had nicknames, like dogs, hiding their real names. That “Parvus,” whose name was Gelfandt Israel Lazarevich, was not just a banker. A shadowy character, he made money out of everything. He smuggled and speculated on the sale of condoms and syphilis cures. The revolution was just another source of profit for him. Lenin subsequently destroyed all documents proving his connections with the swindler. Realizing that he was committing a crime, the leader of the proletariat wanted to get rid of the dirt.

So they were in a hurry to get to Russia. Their plan was the same, their destination the same. They were paid in different currencies, but that’s all for now because their masters were the same. When these sadistic Marxists open the veins of Russia, when the rivers of blood flow, then the steamships with the loot will sail on these rivers to the ocean and on to America. There they will be met by Morgans and Rockefellers, Schiffs and Dupons, Strausses and Hummers. From now on they will pay Lenin and Trotsky in the same currency. In dollars.

In Russia, ravaged by war, anarchy, and crime, there was famine and devastation. All classes lived in poverty, hoping for a better life. The bandits in hats who came to Russia deceived their minds by promising peace and an end to the war, by promising factories for the workers and land for the dark, pious, and gullible peasants. That’s why everyone bought the promises of the gang of tribune demagogues. Even tsarist officers began to wear red ribbons.

As head of the Provisional Government, the freemason Kerensky, who refused to share the wealth of the Russian Empire with the bankers, was ordered to hand over power to the freemason Trotsky. Kerensky dared not disobey this order. On Trotsky’s orders, he withdrew his troops from Petrograd. It was left to the arriving groups of Trotsky and Lenin to seize the state institutions of the capital. They directed the crowd of soldiers and peasants to rob the wine cellars of Petrograd. After that drunk soldiers and peasants broke into the Winter Palace, smashing and burning everything and raping girls from the women’s battalion left there for guarding. Red historians called it a revolution, corrupt poets wrote odes to it.

Once in power, these bandits unleashed a bloody terror. The top of the nation was destroyed by the hands of the bottom, Russians were killing Russians. Reveling in the bloody spectacle, Trotsky shouted to the crowd: “Our young men in leather jackets, the sons of watchmakers from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnytsia, oh, how splendidly, how admirably they can hate everything Russian! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academics, writers…!”

Lenin was a demagogue, but the most dangerous man for Russia was Trotsky. While Lenin was on street meetings, Trotsky was building a machine of terror, killing Russians by the hundreds of thousands, exiling and deporting millions. The Red Army he created out of Chinese mercenaries and special killing squads in leather jackets and with Mausers, this machine of extermination, Trotsky built exclusively out of Jews who hated the Russian people. Trotsky, himself a Freemason of the highest order, created this mafia structure to protect power from the people on the principle of the Masonic order – easy to enter, but only to leave through the chimney of the crematorium. Thus this extermination machine was accepted by the first Chekist, Dzerzhinsky, as it was under Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov. It remains so today, only its name has changed. Its essence remains the same. It holds power in its own hands and is not prepared to share it with anyone. Chekist analysts calculate all possible situations in case someone tries to make changes. Trotsky, who created the Cheka, probably did not realize that he had given birth to Koschei the Immortal. But himself he was not immortal and one day his head was bashed in with an ice axe by a hired assassin.

Soon there was a power struggle between Lenin and Trotsky. Lenin hated anyone who did not share his views. He formed a coalition around him, shot dissenters, and forced Trotsky into submission. Lenin’s associates remained in the majority and called themselves Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks, SRs, and Trotskyists, who were not defeated, became Bolsheviks as a matter of urgency to survive the struggle. But having changed color, they remained what they were, and once took revenge on Lenin by putting a bullet in him, making him a physical and mental cripple, after which he was removed from power by the new dictator and died of cerebral paralysis. While these jackals were fighting among themselves, Stalin, an unknown politician with a criminal record, got to the levers of power. He isolated and removed Lenin from power and became the sole dictator of the invaded Russia. This upset the plans of the world’s bankers. They had not anticipated this development. Stalin was not on their payroll. From the outside, he was a common criminal, and the bankers did not know what to expect from him. Stalin, in power for many years, had waged a secret war against the Leninists, Trotskyists, and other Cominternists, removing them from power and destroying them one by one. From all this, he developed a mania of persecution. During this period of the mustached dictator’s rule, Karl Radek, an associate of Lenin and Trotsky and a Czech activist, said: “Stalin led the Jews out of the Kremlin as Moses led them out of Egypt.

Trotsky (pseudonym, party nickname). His name was Bronstein Leiba Davidovich, a Jew. A 33rd degree Freemason – the highest rank in Freemasonry. Revolutionary, Marxist internationalist whose aim is world revolution. Married to the daughter of a class enemy, the banker Abram Zhivotovsky, who in turn was closely associated with the Warburg and Schiff banking houses. These bankers, among others, actively financed the revolution in Russia.
After the first failed attempt to overthrow tsarism in 1905 in Russia, the bankers organized the escape of Lenin and Trotsky. Lenin went into hiding in Switzerland. And Trotsky settled in France, carrying the idea of world revolution there and muddying the waters wherever he could. He was exiled to Spain in 1916 for inflammatory articles, which he did not last long, and ended up in New York in early 1917.
Trotsky spoke no English and had no means of support. But the bankers did not leave their soldiers in trouble. Trotsky and his family lived in a luxury apartment with a telephone and refrigerator, a rarity for most Americans in those years. His apartment was paid for in advance, and his family was taken shopping in a limousine by his chauffeur. But it was time to work off the luxury: in March 1917, Trotsky received orders from his masters to go to Russia. Events were brewing there.

On 26 March 1917, under the control and support of their bosses, Trotsky and his band of 275 Marxist Jews boarded the passenger liner ‘Christiania Fjord’ in New York harbor and set sail for Europe. This was the crowd of passengers mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, standing in the rain on the gangplank of the steamer.

What they would do to Russia, Trotsky would explain publicly:
“…The greatest bankers from across the ocean will be working in close contact with us. We shall smash Russia, strengthen the power of Zionism on her wreckage, and become a force before which the whole world will kneel. We will show what real power is. By terror, by bloodbaths, we will reduce the Russian intelligentsia to total stupidity, to total idiocy, to an animal state… We shall turn Russia into a desert inhabited by white negroes, to whom we shall give such tyranny as the most terrible despots of the East have never dreamed of… We shall shed such rivers of blood as will make all the peoples of the capitalist countries shudder and blanch…”. (Trotsky’s Political Declaration, summer 1917 in Petrograd).


Lenin. (Pseudonym, party nickname). Also known as Ulyanov, Tatar on his father’s side. Also known as Blank, Jewish on his mother’s side. That is pure Jew by Halakha, the Jewish certificate of nationality. A hellish mixture of Jewish and Asian cunning. After seizing power in Russia, he gave orders to kill women, children, and the elderly. No dictator of the past has ever achieved such brutality. Lenin despised the Russians, mocking them in his writings and speeches.

A Marxist, he also wanted to overthrow the monarchy for personal reasons after his older brother Alexander was executed for his revolutionary activities. Lenin uttered a phrase later in Soviet history textbooks: “We will go the other way!” He went his own way, to the bankers. Lenin took money from anyone who gave it to him. Like any prostitute. At first, his main backer was Kaiser Germany, who wanted to keep Tsarist Russia out of the war, and to which Lenin promised to give all the western lands of the Russian Empire in exchange for their support.

And he gave it to Germany when he came to power. Judas worked out his thirty silver coins. People called him “the German spy”. Lenin’s middleman in getting money from the Germans was a Jew called “Parvus”. Wow, all those people involved had nicknames, like dogs. They were afraid to give their real names. This “Parvus” was Israel Lazarevich Gelfandt. He was a banker, but not only. A shady character, he made money out of everything. He smuggled and speculated in the sale of condoms and syphilis medicine. For him, the revolution was just another source of profit. When Lenin came to power, he destroyed all documents proving his links with the swindler. Lenin wanted to be clean for history. But history cannot be fooled. Lenin was not only a German spy. He had other masters.
In 1915 the American International Corporation was set up in New York and its main activity was to finance revolutionary bandits. The banking houses of Morgan, Rockefeller, and the National Bank of New York created the Corporation’s money fund. The established Federal Reserve Bank later joined them. These were the main backers of Trotsky and Lenin. Money was paid to them in different notes, but that was for the time being because their masters were the same.

When these sadistic Marxists slit Russia’s veins, when the rivers of blood flow, the steamships carrying the plunder will sail on those rivers to the sea and on to America. Those steamships will be met by Morgans and Rockefellers, Schiffs and Dupons, Strausses and Hummers, on wharves guarded by police. From now on they will pay Lenin and Trotsky in the same currency. In dollars.

While in hiding in Switzerland, Lenin studied literature. The work of French sociologist Gustave Lebon’s ‘The Psychology of the Masses’ became his desk book, according to the memoirs of Bazhanov, Stalin’s secretary who fled to the West: “… A civilized nation can be seen, from the intellectual point of view, as a kind of pyramid with steps, the base of which is occupied by the dark masses of the population, the middle steps by the educated classes, and at the top of the pyramid by scientists, inventors, artists, writers – a very insignificant group in comparison with the rest of the population, but which alone determines the level of the country on the scale of civilization. It would be enough for them to disappear, and all that constitutes the greatness of a nation would disappear at the same time…”.

Lenin seized power in Russia and did just that. He cut off the top of the pyramid, destroyed and expelled from Russian lands all intelligent, talented, gifted people who were useful to the fatherland. He robbed, destroyed, and blew up all churches, and all clergymen exiled to Siberia to die. He burned out Christianity and Russian faith in God and destroyed the state. Lenin destroyed Russians at the hands of Russians. To do this, he raised everyone at the top who was at the bottom, turning serfs and slaves into the red elite. He called this bloody experiment the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and promised the murderers and plunderers a bright future. In other words, he dangled a carrot in front of the muzzle of a donkey pulled in a cart. Hypnotized by the carrot, the donkey obediently pulled the cart and endured the blows of the stick.

In the Roman Empire, proletarians were slaves who were allowed to have only a shirt to cover their nakedness. The serfs of Russia were illiterate, they did not read history. So they were proud of their new nickname and the call, “Proletarians of all countries unite!” Why would slaves unite? Only for one purpose – to rob and kill! That’s what the ancestors of the Russian serfs, the Asian nomads, had been doing for centuries. Lenin reminded them who they were. And the crowd, intoxicated by the Marxist’s opium was crushing, burning, killing…


Plekhanov is regarded as the father of Russian Marxism, before whose authority even Lenin bowed. He was Lenin’s teacher and once bitterly regretted it: “I have made many mistakes in my life, like any man. But my main, unforgivable mistake is with Lenin. I underestimated his abilities, failed to take account of his true aims and fanatical determination, and treated his maximalism with condescension and irony. I introduced Lenin into the circle of well-known and influential European social democrats, patronized him, gave him all the help I could, and thus enabled him to stand firmly on his feet. Moreover, at the RSDLP congress in 1903, I supported Lenin in the Lenin-Martov dispute that eventually led to the birth of Bolshevism.

Once it had arisen, Bolshevism began to gain strength rapidly, partly due to the attractiveness of its tactics and slogans to the underdeveloped Russian proletariat, and partly due to the extraordinary persistence and titanic efficiency of Lenin. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to correct my mistake. My mistake has already cost and will cost Russia very dearly.

Lenin is an integral type, who sees his goal and goes to it with fanatical persistence, not stopping before any obstacles. He is intelligent, energetic, extremely hard-working, not vain, but painfully self-centred and intolerant of criticism. For Lenin, anyone who disagrees with him is a potential enemy who does not deserve a basic communication culture. To achieve his goal, he will go to any lengths, including an alliance with the devil if necessary.

Lenin is a theorist, but his writings are of no interest to the educated socialist: they are not distinguished by the elegance of syllables, refined logic, or profound thought, but they always make a strong impression on an illiterate person by their simplicity of presentation, boldness of judgment, confidence in their correctness and the attractiveness of their slogans.

Lenin is the 20th century Robespierre. But if Robespierre beheaded a few hundred innocent people, Lenin would behead millions. In this connection, I remember one of my first meetings with Lenin, which I believe took place in the summer of 1895 at the ‘Landolt Café’. They were discussing the causes of the collapse of the Jacobin revolution. I jokingly said that it collapsed because the guillotine cut off too many heads. Lenin raised his eyebrows and objected in all seriousness: “The Jacobin Republic fell because the guillotine cut off too few heads.”
Robespierre’s fate is well known. Lenin’s fate will be no better. But I do not wish him Robespierre’s fate. Let Lenin live to see when he will realize the error of his tactics and shudder at what he has done. The path of the Bolsheviks, however short or long it may be, will inevitably be marked by falsification of history, crimes, lies, demagogy, and dishonorable deeds.
Everything that has been said about the Bolsheviks – their tactics, their ideology, their method of expropriation, their unlimited terror – makes it safe to say that the collapse of the Bolsheviks is imminent. The terror on which the Bolsheviks rely is the power of the bayonet. I allow for the idea that Lenin, relying on total terror, will emerge victorious from the civil war he so insistently seeks. In that case, Bolshevik Russia will be politically and economically isolated and will inevitably become a military camp where the citizens are frightened by imperialism and fed on promises.

But sooner or later the time will come when the fallacy of Lenin’s ideas will become obvious to everyone – and then Bolshevik socialism will collapse like a house of cards…. The future of Russia will be largely determined by how long the Bolsheviks remain in power. Sooner or later it will return to its natural path of development, but the longer the Bolshevik dictatorship lasts, the more painful this return will be…

A country cannot be great if its people are poor. The wealth of a state lies in the wealth of its people. A country’s true greatness is determined not by its territory or history, but by its democratic traditions and the standard of living of its citizens. As long as the citizens are poor, as long as there is no democracy, the country is not guaranteed against social upheaval and even disintegration…”.

(from G.V. Plekhanov’s “Political Testament”, dictated by him in April 1918).


The Marxist Revolution in Germany.

Even though Lenin, who had seized power in Russia, got what he wanted by signing the Brest Peace with the Germans and giving them all the western territories of Russia to plunder, Germany still lost the war. Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers returned home. And at home, the revolution was waiting for them. While the soldiers sat in the trenches, German Marxists fomented revolution at home under the leadership of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. In Berlin during the 1918 revolution, the active participation of Jews in German politics led to the appearance of posters reading “O poor, deceived German people!…. In Germany, there are three Jews for every 200 Germans. But in today’s government, there are 80 Jews for every 100 people!

On 13 April 1919, Soviet power and the dictatorship of the proletariat were proclaimed in Bavaria. Bloody terror began, just as in Russia. But these Marxists were not the grey masses, drunken sailors and peasants with pitchforks. They were criminals, pedophiles, and bandits, eager to loot the dark post-war time.

Who were the leaders of this “proletariat”? The Central Committee of Workers Deputies consisted of… four Jews. The committee was headed by one Eugene Nissen, who used the pseudonym “Levine”. The other three were Jews: Toller, Eisner, Landauer. According to contemporaries, no less than 90 percent of all responsible and leading positions in the “Bavarian Soviet Socialist Republic” were occupied by Jews who carried out the red terror against bourgeois elements. German patriots – the war minister Gustav Noske and Franz von Epp – smashed this bloody farce. The Marxist bandits, including Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, were shot; some managed to escape to Moscow, to Lenin and Trotsky. There they settled down in the ‘Comintern’ (Communist International) to weave a world conspiracy and plot new revolutions.


The Marxist Revolution in Austria-Hungary.

In 1919, two Jews fought for power in Austria-Hungary. The country was taken over by the Marxists under Bela Kun, who unleashed the red terror and fought for leadership against Mihai Karolyi. Same story as Lenin and Trotsky in Russia. The same methods and the same gnawing jackals, acting together only until the moment of sharing power. Another Jew, Oskar Jassy, a former minister in Karolyi’s revolutionary government who lost out to Bela Kun, wrote in his memoirs in the early 20s: “…the number of Jewish leaders of the Bolshevik movement in Hungary was up to 95 percent…”. This bandit regime was liquidated by units of the regular army of France and Romania, and Béla Kun fled to Lenin, where he shed Russian blood in the Crimea, shooting and hanging Russian officers of Wrangel’s army, refugees, women, old men, and children. Many years later, all those Cominterners who had waited out the Second World War in the Soviet countryside, far from bombs and starvation, returned to Europe, divided by the two ideological systems, to form communist governments controlled by Moscow.

In those troubled times in Europe, a little boy in America looked out innocently at the world around him and rejoiced in what he saw, as any child would. But childhood passes quickly, and with it, the kids’ illusions fly away. When the boy grows up, like his grandfather John, and like his father John, he will want to rape the world and bend it to his whims too. Family tradition is a powerful thing. And he would do it, as he later confessed in his memoirs. The boy’s name was David Rockefeller. His story lies ahead in the next chapter.



The theories like the Marxist doctrine of a bright future for humanity are nonsense for the enslavement of people. It is a carrot hanging in front of a donkey pulling a cart. The educated intelligentsia cannot be bought by this philosophical nonsense. Plekhanov, an intelligent Russian rebel who wanted Russia to change for the better peacefully, warned Lenin: “Vladimir, do not do this, you will drown Russia in blood! The Russian people are not ready for such changes!”
To which Lenin replied: “I don’t care if I destroy ninety percent of Russia’s population. The other ten percent will help me…”

The intelligentsia of Russia became the first victims in the meat grinder of the revolution, the first to go under the knife of the guillotine. In the first five years of Lenin and Trotsky’s rule (1917-1923), more than 10 million Russians fell victim to the Marxists; killed, exiled, banished, fled the country, among them 400,000 members of the Russian intelligentsia. Lenin, who gave the order to kill the Tsar and his entire family, including children, murdered scientists, professors, academics, government officials and members of the clergy, writers, artists, poets, musicians, students, officers, teachers, inventors, and factory workers. The dwarf cut off the top of the social pyramid, the bloom of the nation that the Romanov monarchy had cultivated during its three centuries of rain.

To do this by the hands of Russians, the illiterate masses were given a Marxist drug, and they went out to destroy, cut, burn, and kill.
” Wake up the lumpen!” shouted Lenin, meaning a drunken proletarian. Lenin, himself an intellectual, did not make abstruse speeches to the crowd. He did not call for the expropriation – that language is incomprehensible to the fulls. Lenin shouted: “Plunder the plundered!” The drunken thugs were howling, smelling the blood. And they set off to rob, rape and kill.

Yes, they were killing thousands. Lenin and Trotsky cut off the head of Russia. And the body was left convulsing. Since those terrible days, no new Tchaikovsky, Blok, or Chekhov have been born in Russia. But there are plenty of primitive mediocrities. But quantity does not turn into quality, as promised by the Bolsheviks, who during their rule reduced the population of Russia by sixty-eight million lives!

The doubting reader may ask: could Lenin and Trotsky, after drowning Russia in blood, have deviated from the teachings, and misinterpreted their teacher’s plan? No, they did exactly as the son and grandson of the rabbis, Levi Mordechai, hiding behind the pseudonym of Karl Marx, had dreamed. The epigraph to his “Capital” could have been his own words from a play he had written:

“…And soon I will cast my titanic curses upon mankind…
The world will foolishly perish by accepting my teachings.”

After completing the last page of his delirium, Marx was laughing in anticipation of the imminent doom of humanity. This man-hater died in obscurity. Only six people attended his funeral, including two coffin diggers. But his teachings have infected the minds of millions.

After the revolution in Russia, the first Soviet banknotes depicted a six-pointed Star of David. Then it was changed to the Masonic five-pointed star.

The symbol of Bolshevism was the swastika, which the new officials proposed as the main element of the state emblem. Later, when Hitler came out to fight Bolshevism, he took the same swastika as the symbol of his struggle but turned it upside down, as if to make it clear that he was a socialist, but his train was going in the other direction. The Bolsheviks changed the swastika to the hammer and sickle, a symbol more understandable to the dark masses.

Not many people know that it was Lenin, not Hitler, who built the first concentration camp in human history in 1918, who shot, drowned, hanged, and exiled to Siberia millions of Russians, including scientists, writers, artists – all those who loved Russia and made it great. The attempt on him was made by Jewess Kaplan. The Jew Lenin, who hated Russia and Russians, ordered the execution of 10,000 Russian hostages after an attempt on his life. Not Jews! Promising land to the peasants, Lenin kept his promise in his cynical way, shooting peasants by thousands and burying Russia’s breadwinners in the very land he promised to them. He fought against the Russian people in the name of the bright future of another nation.

Realizing what he was doing to Russia, Lenin was shouting to his associates: “Continue the terror, kill, kill! Or we’ll all be torn to pieces. In the autumn of 1918, the bandits issued the decree “On the Red Terror”. And the blood flowed. They shot people in the streets just because they had intelligent faces and were neatly dressed.

Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai, inspired by their commitment to the cause of world revolution, decided to revolutionize the family bedroom. Remembering the antics of their great-grandmother Eva, they came up with the ‘glass of water theory’, which rejected love and marriage. They stole the idea from the French novelist George Sand. According to this “doctrine”, the relationship between a man and a woman was reduced to the satisfaction of sexual needs, as simple as quenching one’s thirst with a glass of water.

Alexandra Kollontai (née Domontovich) held positions in Lenin’s government and later served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USSR. To spread her theory to the masses, when she went to work in the morning, she visited the sailors and spread her legs for those suffering. Well, I couldn’t find any proof of that. But there is a reference in her memoirs to her involvement in a love triangle with Lenin and Inessa Armand. After that, she was hated by the wife of the proletarian Gigolo Krupskaya.

A few words on the Communist International (Comintern) with the main office in Moscow. Marxists from the countries of Europe were fleeing there. The Comintern’s plan for seizing power in a targeted country was simple: once a suitable team of refugees had been recruited to form a government in that country, the Red Army would launch an invasion, and the propaganda justifying the intervention would tell the world that the army of the Soviet proletariat was doing so at the request of the fraternal working people. This scenario was played out in the countries of Eastern Europe, starting with the invasion of Poland in 1920, and continuing in Afghanistan, and it was announced that the red cavalrymen would wash the hooves of their horses in the Indian Ocean. Stalin used such tactics to start a winter war with Finland in 1939, Khrushchev in Hungary in 1956, Brezhnev in Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Afghanistan in 1979. The current dwarf is doing it today in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. He hands out Russian passports and then sends in troops “to protect the Russian population”.


Why was the proletarian leader Trotsky married to the daughter of a class enemy whom he called on to kill? Why did the bankers finance bandits who threatened to take all their money if they came to power?
It’s very simple and no paradox: the bankers liked Marx’s idea of how to run the world. Marxist revolutionaries are the soldiers and officers of the bankers’ army, into which the generals send their army to do their bidding: overthrow, shoot, hang, destroy. After the revolutionary “sweep” the usurers made the country their new colony, turning its people into financial slavery.
And the cries of the revolutionaries about peace, freedom, and equality are nothing more than slogans, parasitic worms, and injections of drugs to the proletariat stupefied by the dose.
Note that in this army the bankers and the revolutionaries are men of the same blood, the same religion, and the same philosophy. They are united in their hatred of everything non-Jewish, alien, and hostile to them. And these wolves do not allow outsiders into their pack. Their slogan: “Our truth is a lie. And our lies are the truth.” This is the whole philosophy of the gang of collaborators.

To seize power in Russia, outsiders had to pretend to be their own. Wolves had to become sheep in a flock of sheep. That is why all revolutionaries changed their surnames to Russian. Lenin’s tactics relied on the common people, in whom social envy and hatred of the rich had to be kindled. According to his plan, the Russians were to be the chaff in the furnace of the revolutionary locomotive that would carry the Jews to their coveted world domination. And if any of these Russian fools were flattered, given a little power, and joined to the satiated idleness, they would kill their own by the thousands and would willingly go into this very furnace.

The American researcher and historian Norman Mackenzie, in his book Secret Societies, published in New York in 1968, notes: “The Bolsheviks were the most successful national secret society of all time, even though they claimed to be representatives of the working class.”

For a long time, the Jews refused to acknowledge Lenin as their own. They feared that his bloody experiment would not serve them well. But having ensured that Russia, having thrown off the yoke of Communism, did not consign Lenin to the dustbin of history, religious organizations in Israel now want his remains. But the ideologues of the new Russia are stubborn. They continue to use the remains as a propaganda idol for the younger generations. Proof that the circus in Russia has changed its scenery, but the clowns remain.

The Jews in the country of residence cannot be measured by the percentage of the indigenous population. Jews are dangerous in their organized pursuit of power and financial enslavement of the people of their country of residence. Jewish protectionism, the circle of vouchsafes, is evident everywhere in the structures of society. It is the most dangerous factor to society, and that is where the Jews’ success lies. I am not anti-Jewish. I am anti-Zionist, anti-Nazi, and anti-Marxist. I have had good Jewish friends in my life who I trusted completely. But I have also had Jewish business associates in my life who betrayed me by stealing my job. I divide Jews into Zionists and hostages of Zionism. The Zionists sneak into government and push through laws to get social benefits in their country of residence, and hostages of Zionism pay them in obedience. Bound by a single religion and the laws of the Kagal, the hostages obey the Zionists and do their will. Good or bad Jews, they all belong to the same gang, for whom the common interests of their nation are more important than the interests of their country of residence, the morality of the society that once gave them shelter and protection. Do you feel comfortable living in the same house with a traitor?

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