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CASTRATED REPUBLIC (“The History for Dummies”).

In the summer of 1944, delegates from 44 countries of the anti-Hitler coalition (including the USSR delegation) gathered in the American town of Bretton Woods for a United Nations conference. The U.S. economy accounted for more than half of the world economy. By selling weapons, food, and equipment to the Allies in exchange for gold, American banks had accumulated 70% of the world’s reserves of the yellow metal. Other countries, fearing the Nazis, sent their gold reserves to America for safekeeping. As a result, the U.S. was the only country that could back its currency with gold. Thirty-five dollars “weighed” 31.1 grams of gold, or 1 troy ounce.
At the end of the war in Europe, many of its cities lay in ruins. Not a single bomb had fallen on America, not a single enemy bullet had reached her. Now the power of its economy and military machine was growing rapidly thanks to the technology of defeated Germany. America opened special immigration programs (one of them was called “Paper Clip”) for German scientists and specialists from all branches of the military. In a short time, 300,000 specialists, a third of a million of the country’s best-educated population, left Germany for the United States under these programs.

On 5 June 1947, the American Secretary of State and one of the most famous generals of the Second World War, George C. Marshall, gave a speech at Harvard University. In his speech, he formulated the idea of aid for post-war Europe, later known as the ‘Marshall Plan’. The first part of the plan called for massive aid to save the economies of Europe. For this aid, America demanded payment in gold and it was not a whim. During the war years, the Nazis had flooded the world with counterfeit sterling. The forgeries were of such high quality that they were tested in Swiss banks and then accepted for payment and exchange everywhere. Same time in Russia Stalin’s “masters” were minting counterfeit dollars and flooding the Soviet zone of occupied Germany and Eastern Europe with them.

With the Marshall Plan in action, US industry was running at full capacity, employment was almost absolute, and the specter of the Great Depression of 1929 that had been hovering over the country all these years finally disappeared, melting away, in the smoke of the factory chimneys. In the decades that followed, the rain of prosperity poured down on America, a period known as the Golden Age of America. The country’s population prospered, the middle class grew and wealth accumulated. Scientists, engineers, and inventors flocked to the country, which became the object of envy and lust. Educated in their own countries, they now sold their knowledge for dollars. In those golden years, Americans, and especially their government, realized and felt in their pockets that war was a good thing.

In those years, George Kennan, director of the US State Department’s Planning Centre, said: “We have 50 percent of the world’s wealth, although we have only 6 percent of the world’s population. Our real task shortly will be to create a system of world relations that allows us to maintain this disparity without compromising our security. To achieve this, we must put aside all our sentimentality and romanticism and focus on the overriding national interest. We must stop thinking in vague categories such as human rights, prosperity, or democratization. The day is not far off when we will have to act from a position of strength. The less idealism we have left in our heads, the better…”.

The director of the planning center was cynical, but visionary politicians, economists, writers, psychologists, and sociologists have always been the most cynical. Because cynicism is the real truth of life in black and white. Without rose-colored glasses and lies.
And what about Stalin? Having dealt, with the help of the Allies, with his recent comrade and then enemy, the Kremlin’s trickster continued the war. In Europe, his armies occupied the territories of several countries and had no intention of leaving. From a dictatorial regime in one country, socialism became a world political system, and Marxist poison penetrated Africa and South America. And the reality of this new danger became obvious to all who had recently listened to the Kremlin’s assurances of peace and friendship.
The second part of the Marshall Plan offered Europe assistance in establishing new political and economic processes. But on one condition – European politicians were obliged to coordinate all political initiatives with Washington. Financial aid in exchange for obedience. Europe had no choice. For obedience to be absolute, it was necessary to subordinate the entire European elite to a single government.

In order to maintain control over Europe and prevent the spread of the Kremlin’s contagion, the world government, represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, urgently needed to establish a branch there. Taking advantage of human vices, greed and lust for power, they again used their reliable weapon of “bribery-blackmail-assassination”. They bought up the European elite and invited them to join them in ruling the world. None of the invited refused. The time had come to bring the participants together and agree on joint action.

In May 1954, in the small Dutch town of Oosterbrick, at the ‘Bilderberg Hotel’, the European branch was inaugurated, attended by political leaders, members of the royal houses of Europe, bankers, industrialists, military leaders, and owners of propaganda media. At the first meeting, a program of joint action was adopted and an American-European team was created to manage the economies and politics of the participating countries. The branch was called the “Bilderberg Club”.

Since the program, the members of the club meet once a year in absolute secrecy to solve global problems. They overthrow and appoint presidents and prime ministers, plunge a disobedient country into economic chaos, and plan wars and coups. The conspirators decide which scenario the people of this or that country should live under. And the people are not supposed to know about this conspiracy of theirs. No country can stand alone against such a world conspiracy. The meetings are carefully guarded from the press by special armed units of the state secret services. The club has about 400 permanent members, a third of them Americans and two-thirds Europeans. They are representatives of the presidential staff and the US State Department, members of the royal families of Europe, bankers, owners of large corporations, representatives of business circles, and owners of mass media. The headquarters of the “Bilderberg Club” is in New York, on the premises of the Carnegie Foundation.

Not all politicians agreed. Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister of the seventies, known as the “Iron Lady” for her political methods, was chastised for her stubbornness in handing over Britain’s independence to a world government. Knowing the dangers of arguing with conspirators, she retired from politics. It saved her life. Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who tried to object, didn’t know what the lady from London knew. And paid for it with his life.

As the Cold War gathered pace, the wait for Russian bombers in American skies stretched over half a century and was accompanied by diplomatic receptions, caviar, and the popping of champagne corks. Politicians, bankers, and militarists understood that such a confrontation should last as long as possible. They took advantage of the situation to frighten their people with an external enemy, to continue to take money from the state budget, and to build up the military potential for another war planned shortly and, of course, on foreign territory.
The Pentagon’s budget grew rapidly. By the end of the 1980s, the military potential of the USA was twice that of all the countries of the world put together. The Communist International of the Kremlin, which continued to spread across the planet, provoked the appearance of new American military bases, the number of which soon reached 700. America watched… monitored… controlled… and extended its influence around the world.

Allen Dulles was given the highest office in the secret world government for his services to the bankers during the Second World War. He was President of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1946 to 1950. From 1953 to 1961 he headed the CIA, essentially creating the organization as it exists today. It was during these years that he outlined his doctrine for fighting communism:
“…We will throw everything we have, all the gold, all the material aid, or the means to deceive and mislead the people. The human brain, the people’s consciousness, is capable of change. Having sown chaos there, we will imperceptibly replace their values with false ones and make them believe in these false values… Episode after episode will unfold a tragedy of grandiose proportions, the death of the most recalcitrant nation on earth, the final, irreversible extinction of its self-consciousness. From literature and art, for example, we shall gradually erase their social essence, we shall wean artists, we shall discourage them from depicting, exploring, or anything like that, the processes that take place in the depths of the masses. Literature, theatre, cinema – all will depict and glorify the basest human emotions. We will support and promote in every possible way the so-called artists who will plant and indoctrinate into human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal – in a word, all kinds of immorality. We will create chaos and confusion in the administration of the state… Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and no one will need them, they will become a relic of the past. Boorishness and insolence, lies and deception, drunkenness, drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, treachery, nationalism, and enmity between peoples – we will plant all this cleverly and imperceptibly… We will undermine generation after generation in this way… We will take people from childhood and adolescence, we will always focus on the youth, we will decompose them, corrupt them and harass them. We will make spies out of them, cosmopolitans. This is how we will do it…“.

Dulles wrote his doctrine to punish the Soviet Russians. Over many years in politics, he had become convinced that the Russians were copying the Americans in everything. So he decided to poison his people, knowing that Christian morality would be the antidote and that the Western world would stand firm. The calculation was right and the poison found its victims exactly where it was expected. The Red Marxists, who had made their nests in America and later in Africa, decided to use the Dulles Doctrine as a weapon in their struggle for world domination. But the result was not exactly what they wanted, or rather, not at all.

With a wealth of experience as a conspirator and behind-the-scenes schemer, Allen Dulles was appointed director of the CIA, an organization created to carry out political plots, economic sabotage, and military coups in various countries, acting secretly and not on behalf of the US government. And when, in 1961, at the height of the confrontation between the two systems, the USSR moved its nuclear missiles to Cuba, the island naturally became the object of the CIA’s attention.
A plan was drawn up for an operation codenamed “Northern Jungle”. The operation had been in the works for two years and included a provocation that would be a serious argument for Congress. The operation plan included the sinking of a boat carrying refugees, an act allegedly carried out by Cuban military boats. The plan called for the hijacking of an American airliner with Americans on board, followed by its destruction, allegedly by a Soviet Mig. The plan also included the destruction of an American military aircraft, and the bombing and sinking of an American merchant ship in Cuban waters, carried out, of course, by the Cuban air force. All this so that the US Congress, in the name of the people, would give the Pentagon the green light for the US army to invade the island.

For the plan to come to fruition, it needed the approval of the President. He was John F. Kennedy. After being informed of the operation, the President dismissed Allen Dulles as Director of the CIA and wanted to disband the entire organization that had taken over the functions of state power. A few months later, on 22 November 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in Texas. The daring assassination of the President in broad daylight came as a shock to America. The whole world loved John, he was the hope and symbol that America would remain the republic of freedom, a beacon for all mankind. John had crossed a dangerous line, naively believing that the President and Congress, comprised of the people’s elected representatives, had all the power and authority.

Riding the waves of popular love, naïve John did not realize that since the days of Woodrow Wilson’s treason, America is no longer run by the people’s elected representatives. America is run by money. John F Kennedy intervened in the affairs of a secret and powerful order. As his car was through the streets of Dallas, the president did not notice a bee flying in and stinging him painfully. The autopsy showed it wasn’t a bee.

Few people know that Texas Governor John Connally, who was traveling with the President in the same car and the front seat, was also seriously wounded in the tragedy. The investigation, which counted seven bullet holes in the bodies of the two victims, accepted the theory that the assassin’s bullet, after piercing the President’s head, continued its flight and pierced the Governor’s back, chest, and wrist, lodging in his thigh. Governor Connelly, who was in the front seat, was rushed to the hospital, underwent complex surgery, and miraculously survived.

The official conclusion of the Congressional Commission on the assassination of the President was released to the press. It was called the “One Bullet Theory”. The state commission that adopted this theory interviewed 178 witnesses. 132 of them said they heard three shots, 17 witnesses heard two shots, 7 witnesses said they heard two or three shots, and the rest were not sure how many shots they heard, but all confirmed the fact that there were several shots. Governor Connally himself never agreed with the conclusions of the Government Commission, which accepted the single-bullet version. If it was one bullet, it did miracles in its flight.

The long-running dispute over who killed President John F. Kennedy continues to this day. Scientists – chemists, experts in military metallurgy – present their arguments about how many bullets were fired in the drama, from which guns, and what those bullets were made of. However, the press does not publish the scientists’ arguments. A serious researcher, instead of asking “who fired”, should have sought an answer to “why he fired”. The answer would have been found quickly but at great risk to the researcher himself.
The president’s interference in the political games of the secret government of the bankers, which has considered itself the real government of the United States since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, cost him his life. Every US president since the tragedy of John F. Kennedy has been assigned by this government the role of a manager, an executor of its will. President Kennedy overstepped the authority of a manager. He found out about the financial fraud of the bankers and decided to stop it.

On 4 June 1963, John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which took the right to print money out of the hands of a private company under the obscure name of the Federal Reserve and returned the printing press to the hands of the American state. Kennedy forced the US Treasury to issue dollar notes against the silver in the Treasury. As a result, $2 and $5 notes were printed. The notes were marked “United States Banknote” rather than “Federal Reserve Banknote”. President Lincoln had done this before and was killed by an assassin who fled to England under Rothschild’s shield. The Rothschilds rewarded the assassin, thus revealing themselves as buyers.
President Kennedy’s decision corrected the violation of the Constitution and the absurdity of a state not being able to print its own money. This was what the bankers, the masters of the Federal Reserve, feared most. To prevent this, they bought up banks, factories, and businesses. They bought newspapers, radio, television, and cinemas. They bought up the whole of America. And with a stroke of the President’s pen, is that the end of all their efforts?

President Kennedy got the bankers back to doing what they were supposed to do without interfering in politics – regulating the financial markets, and making sure there were no crises… The President broke the egg and picked up the pin of the monster’s death. He could have broken the pin at any moment. The bankers realized the mortal danger hanging over their empire. Less than five months after signing the Federal Reserve’s death warrant, President Kennedy was assassinated.
President John F. Kennedy knew he was playing with fire. But he didn’t back down. Here’s a statement he made to members of the US Congress just before the assassination:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the very idea of secrecy is antithetical to a free and open society. We are by nature and by history a people opposed to secret societies, secret orders, and closed meetings. Throughout the world, we are confronted with a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy of a system that uses secret means to expand its sphere of influence and to undermine and intimidate the power of elected people. This system, which has mobilized many material and human resources, has created a highly efficient machine that carries out military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. These operations of theirs are kept secret from the public, their machinations are not made public. It, this system, advances silently, whatever the cost, without revealing its intentions. I am asking for your help in the important task of informing and warning the people of America. I am confident that with your help the people will become what they were born to be – free and independent.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.


The twentieth century proved that the political-philosophical doctrines of Marxism, Nazism, and Zionism divided humanity. Two hot world wars, the third cold world war, the fourth world war with so-called terrorism (provoked war of the Christian world with the Muslim world), the redistribution of spheres of influence in Europe, military coups, economic chaos in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the influx of migrants, and a new war in Europe, involving more and more countries and becoming another world war, are all links in a logical chain. It is a battle of ideologies of three philosophical doctrines. And in this world struggle there is another, secret and invisible participant whose aim is absolute power and the enslavement of all the warring participants. It is a conspiracy of those who finance all wars and conflicts solely in pursuit of their interests. They exploit the differences between the warring parties and wait for the right moment to subjugate everyone to their power.

John McMortrie, a university professor in Canada, warned how this could end for the world. Speaking to a large audience on 9 December 2001, he said the following: “…If we realize that there is a power far greater than the elected office of the president, a moral power far greater than Christian morality, an invisible power that runs the world’s military apparatus and intelligence systems, that runs the international banking systems, that runs the most effective propaganda system in history, then we will be forced to realize that democracy is at best an illusion and at worst a prelude to the dictatorship that will become known as the New World Order…”.

End of Part Two. Chapters from my book “The History for Dummies”
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