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You probably know the feeling of rereading a favorite book and being surprised to find something in the text that you hadn’t noticed before. It’s all about age – when we read a book at a young age, our brains are still accumulating information, and their files aren’t full. Our eyes scan the text, but our brains are not yet able to analyze what we are reading. When I was at university, I used to outline a lecture in a rough draft. At home, I would rewrite the entire text in another notebook, editing and checking controversial passages against the books. This method helped me to remember everything I heard in lectures, which surprised my teachers more than once.
It is much easier for modern students to find answers to questions online, it takes minutes, not hours. Therefore, if you find repetitions in the text of the chapters of my book, I have done so deliberately. After all, this is a history textbook, not a novel. I think you know the saying “Repetition is the mother of learning”. Happy reading, friends!

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The program of Asher Ginsberg’s “practical Zionism” is the conquest of the world. He chose as his weapon the new-fangled doctrine of “Marxism”, in which its author Karl Marx suggested that people overthrow their governments and fight for the freedom of society, which he called “communism”. But the true goal of this theory was perfectly concealed at the bottom of the swamp of demagogy. As the saying goes, where the wise do not understand, the fool will not guess. This doctrine was written for fools. But the bankers and Zionists quickly realized the diabolical meaning of the strange man’s philosophy and decided to try out this weapon. In Europe, however, their plans ran up against the walls of the three great Christian monarchies-German, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian.
With the question “How to be and what to do?” they turned to the author’s primary source, and there they found a clear answer: monarchies burn in the fire of revolutions, which in turn arise in wars. After the failure of the 1905 revolution in Russia, the Zionist bankers of America and Europe decided to launch a major war. To do this, they only need to use the tried and tested weapon of “bribery-blackmail-murder”, break through the walls of monarchies with this weapon, and introduce there their Trojan horses with revolutionaries in their bellies.
In 1914 war broke out in Europe, and the Trojan horses rushed there: a steamer from New York with Trotsky’s gang and a sealed wagon from Germany to Russia with Lenin’s gang.
In Russia, the Marxists were lucky: the drunken rabble became an obedient controlled army for the violent seizure of power. However, the attempt to stage a revolution in civilized Germany and Hungary failed: the bandits were driven out of there, and many were killed. The surviving revolutionaries fled to Russia, where they were warmly welcomed by Lenin and Trotsky and assigned to subversive work in the “Comintern” organization – to weave new plots against the peoples of Europe and to prepare a new war and world revolution.

The Council on Foreign Relations.

With the failure of Europe, the bankers realized that they could not take the world by force. Drunken sailors and peasants with pitchforks helped them in Russia. But no other country in the world has such an army. So the bankers decided to replace the tactics of violence with the diplomacy of money. To do this they needed a new organization, in a safer place. Bankers, revolutionaries, Zionists, Freemasons – one family, they have the same interests. With the absolute support of the bankers, the whole family gathered across the ocean and chose America as the springboard from which they would soon launch a new raid. To understand how the bankers’ most powerful weapon works, we need to go back in history. After the United States of America had defended its independence, the bankers decided to drive the Republic of Liberty into financial bondage. Just as they had done with the British Empire and France. In 1790, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, they pushed their vassal Alexander Hamilton into the position of Secretary of the Treasury. Following the instructions of his masters, Hamilton helped them realize the idea of creating the National Bank of the United States of America, ostensibly to create a monetary system in the republic.

With the freedom of private enterprise, the Treasury prints money and distributes it to banks, which in turn lend it to individuals in the form of loans to build businesses. This is how capitalism works, where money in circulation is the lifeblood that gives life to the whole organism. The classic formula of capitalism is the free market, entrepreneurship, and competition, where the most resourceful, intelligent, and determined wins. Society benefits from it. In contrast to classical capitalism, Hamilton’s centralization of the distribution of money was a scheme in which free enterprise was replaced by the dictatorship of a bunch of bankers who decided where to invest money and where to direct the flow of blood. Doing the bidding of his masters, Hamilton insisted on centralizing the banking system, endorsed corruption as the engine of progress, and argued with the president over the economic model. So fed up was he with his nonsense that one day the vice-president, a Civil War veteran, Colonel Burr, challenged him to a duel and shot him dead. But that did not save America from Hamilton’s delusions.

In 1836, the National Bank was stripped of its powers by President Andrew Jackson. Once removed from the financial trough, the Rothschilds plotted mischief. In 1861 they organized propaganda aimed at dividing the Union of North and South, which provoked a civil war. The Rothschild Bank of London financed the northern states and supplied them with arms. The Rothschild Bank of Paris helped the southern states. If you finance and arm both sides, it is impossible not to win. Soon the Northern army’s debt became so enormous that Congress was forced to reinstate the National Bank. So, the Rothschilds returned to run the National Bank by concession. Lincoln, who understood their game, refused to pay the Rothschilds the huge interest, and in 1863 the National Bank was again liquidated. The President instructed Congress to start printing dollars to gain independence from the usurers. And within a year the Civil War was over. For this interference with the bankers, Lincoln was assassinated on 14 April 1865 by one John Booth. The assassin was broken out of prison by the Freemasons, escaped to England, and received a generous reward from the Rothschilds.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Warburgs had already joined the Rothschilds in banking and industry in the United States. They were all eager to restore the National Bank to gain full control of the Republic’s finances. They needed a precedent to sway public opinion and force Congress to pass a law. To this end, one of the financial magnates, John Morgan, began spreading rumors that one of the famous New York banks was on the verge of bankruptcy. These rumors were picked up by the corrupt press and caused mass panic. People, fearing for their money, began to withdraw their deposits, causing the banks to demand repayment from their debtors, who had to sell their property to pay. This chain reaction led to massive bankruptcies. Congress set up a commission to investigate the situation. It was headed by Senator Aldrich, a puppet in the hands of the bankers. The commission, headed by Aldrich, recommended that the government reinstate the Federal Reserve to prevent future financial panics. The puppet Aldrich later became a member of the Rockefeller family through marriage, and it became clear whose interests he represented. But it was too late, the bankers had already begun to implement their plan. In 1910, their secret meeting took place at Morgan’s estate on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. This meeting was so hidden from the public that its participants were listed under pseudonyms. It was at this meeting that the Federal Reserve Act was written. This agreement to hand America over to the bankers was not written by lawyers but by the bankers themselves. Paul Warburg, head of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co., a member of the Rothschild clan, wrote the agreement.

When the paper was ready, it was given to the same Senator Aldrich to push the treaty through Congress. In 1913 the bankers appointed Woodrow Wilson as President, whose obedience was bought by financing his campaign. Two days before Christmas, on 23 December 1913, when most members of Congress were on recess, a vote was taken to pass the Federal Reserve Act, and President Wilson signed it immediately, on the same day. This gave the bankers the right to print dollars and lend them to the government, receiving interest in gold… The people were told the fairy tale that the Federal Reserve would guarantee the stability of the economy and that the danger of inflation and economic crisis would no longer threaten society. This system, and a private bank, were created in the country by the law that was passed. It changed the nature of the United States as a republic for the people.

The bankers pursued their goal by gross violations not only of morality but also of the law, constantly resorting to deception and trickery. To lull the vigilance of the people’s elected representatives in Congress, the authors of the law invented the ingeniously vague name “Federal Reserve System”. Having obtained their law, the bankers set about implementing Hamilton’s idea by replacing the functions of the Treasury with a private bank, which they disguised under the vague name of “Federal Reserve”. Dollars began to be printed and distributed by a private corporation, and the US dollar has been unconstitutional ever since. Hamilton and the bankers won. And the Constitution of the Founding Fathers of the Republic – lost. In gratitude for their favor, the bankers immortalized Hamilton on the ten-dollar note. It is important to understand that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation, like Federal Express. It lives by its laws and is virtually unaccountable to the US government. It is a private bank that lends money to the government at interest, completely copying the fraudulent central bank model that the country has been trying to get rid of since the Revolution and Independence.

There are several secret societies in the human world. The most famous is the British Masonic “Round Table Society”, which has offshoots in Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, and almost all former colonies of the British Empire. Such a secret society is a mechanism to control and impose its interests on local authorities. After the Marxist revolutionaries failed in Europe and fled to their masters, the bankers decided to create a similar mechanism of world politics in America to rule the world. In 1921 they created a structure which, according to their plan, was to command the kings, presidents, prime ministers, and dictators of all countries. The conspirators called it the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This American branch of the Masonic Lodge of the Round Table Society soon became the first branch of the secret world government on American soil.

The secret government needed people to carry out its plans. John Rockefeller and the Carnegie Foundation financed the new organization. And the diplomacy of money did its job: they bought presidents, high-ranking officials, heads of companies, professors of leading universities, and congressmen. They bought the media, Supreme Court justices, and military leaders. They were buying until they bought the entire elite of American society. Only the honest are incorruptible, but big money can buy all… The monster grew its first head.

Before his death, President Wilson left a note in which he repented and asked the people of the Republic to forgive him: “I am a most unhappy man. Through misunderstanding, I have ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by credit systems. The development of the country, and therefore all our activities, are under the control of a few men. We have come to the worst form of government, the most controlled and oppressed government in the civilized world. There is no more free opinion in government, no more conviction, no more majority opinion in voting, but the opinion and coercion of a small dominant group of individuals. Forgive me, America…”.

President Woodrow Wilson had a close friend and adviser, Edward House, a committed Marxist. He effectively ran the country, and the president carried out all his wishes. Woodrow Wilson said of his friend: “He is me. His thoughts are my thoughts.
Edward House represented the interests of the Marxist bankers, and President Woodrow Wilson was a cowardly man and a malleable politician. He goes down in history as the first president to betray America and punch the first hole in its Constitution. His apology was hidden from the people. Since then, every president has tried to poke holes in the US Constitution, and after George W. Bush Jr. it already looks like Swiss cheese. And the very banker Paul Warburg, a member of the clan of Rothschilds, Schiffs, Coons, and other bankers who agreed at a secret meeting of bankers on Jekyll Island to hand America over to the bankers, will one day blabber:
“…We are going to have a world government – whether we like it or not! The only question is whether such a government will be established by consent or conquest…”.


While World War I was raging in Europe, the Federal Reserve increased the money supply by about 100 percent and made huge loans to small banks. In 1920, it called in the excess money supply, causing banks to default on their debts and repeating the 1907 crisis. Over 5,400 small banks outside the Federal Reserve System went bankrupt. This was the beginning of the monopolization of the banking system by a few bankers. Congressman Lindbergh, who was involved, said in a speech in 1921: “The Federal Reserve has been given the ability to create crises on a scientific basis. The present crisis is the first, planned, and calculated like a mathematical equation. The next crisis will be terrible for the whole of America. The bankers will make the people their slaves.

The Federal Reserve, a private bank, is not accountable to Congress and does not report to or consult with the government. From 1921 to 1929, this private bank printed a lot of money, increased the money supply by 62%, and distributed this money as loans to banks and individuals. And there was a new type of stock market loan called a “margin loan”. A margin loan allows the investor to deposit only 10% of the value of the stock, and the remaining 90% is owed to the broker, in other words, you can buy $1000 worth of stock with only $100. This type of loan was popular in the 1920s when everyone was playing the stock market. But there is a deadly danger in a margin loan. The broker can call in the loan at any time and it must be repaid within 24 hours. This is called a margin call and usually triggers a sale of the shares bought on credit. This is how the bankers conceived and carried out the operation of mass robbery of the population.

A few months before October 1929, John Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, and other knowledgeable participants quietly withdrew from the market, and on 24 October 1929, brokers began demanding margin loans en masse. Everyone rushed to get rid of stocks to avoid default, which included the seizure of investments and property. This caused a shortage of funds and led to the collapse of 16,000 banks (!), allowing bankers to buy up these banks and competing businesses for a pittance. It was the greatest theft in American history. But it didn’t stop there. Instead of leading the country out of the economic crisis, the Federal Reserve this time drastically reduced the money supply, leading to the greatest depression in history. Money is the economy’s lifeblood, and the Federal Reserve bankers cut off its flow. The result was a crisis of the entire organism. The American economy languished, for a long time.

Congressman Louis McFadden investigated the manipulation of the Federal Reserve, which controls the U.S. Treasury. Three attempts were made on his life. He eventually died under unclear circumstances. Here is what he wrote about the true nature of the Federal Reserve: “We have organized a branch of the world banking system, a super state controlled by international bankers acting in concert to enslave the world to their will. The Federal Reserve has usurped power.”

Now that society was broken, the bankers at the Federal Reserve decided that they had to abolish the gold standard. To do this, they decided to collect the remaining gold in the country under the pretext of fighting the depression. On pain of ten years in prison, every American was forced to hand over his gold to the Treasury. So the bankers robbed the people. And the Americans fell into a depression, for a long time. This period would be known as the Great Depression.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to the White House in the early thirties, he immediately imposed a ban on ‘left-wing’ activities by the banks. For this, he was assassinated and the bankers planned to replace him with General Macarthur, an obedient soldier of their secret organization, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). However, a new war was already brewing in Europe, so the bankers shifted their interests to the possibility of new sources of profit and fell behind Roosevelt.


With the onset of the Great Depression, the American economy stagnated for a long time. Even the new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, could not save it by banning banks. It was brought back to life by the industrialization project in backward Soviet Russia in the 1930s, but it was finally revived by war orders, America’s participation in the Second World War, and the Marshall Plan to rebuild the economies of European countries that had suffered during that war.

President Roosevelt’s shortsightedness lay in his lack of understanding of the nature of Marxism and Bolshevism. Too Anglo-Saxon, too American, he was simply from another world. It was Roosevelt who helped Stalin to industrialize an agrarian country in the thirties without understanding Stalin’s plans. Roosevelt saw Stalin as a big-country politician. He trusted the socialists who told him that they wanted to turn Russia into a powerful economic power so that it could cooperate on an equal footing with other powers. In reality, industrialization was aimed at militarizing Russia for the eventual takeover of the whole of Europe. That is, to realize the world revolution bequeathed by Lenin and Trotsky. Under Roosevelt, the US government was flooded with Stalinist spies, Marxists, and enemies of the Constitution, and he simply did not realize the danger of what was happening.

Little known fact: After the end of the hot war and the beginning of the cold war between yesterday’s allies, the former head of the Gestapo secret police, SS General Heinrich Muller, was recruited by the secret services and one of his tasks in America was to set up a system to identify all spies. He was also an adviser to President Truman on Stalinism, working with FBI Director Hoover, with Senator McCarthy. But apart from the President, no one knew his real name or had any idea who he was dealing with. More about this is in the published chapters of the book “On the Trail of the Grey Wolf”.

“McCarthyism” may have cleaned up the government, but it did not solve all the problems. The secret government triumphed. Today America is not just a victim of the conspiratorial bankers. It is an enforcer of their will, a colony of financial slavery, and a supplier of weapons for the next war. Every department of the American government is filled with CFR soldiers. They dictate the will of their masters to the elected representatives of the people. In his published memoirs, one of the top generals of the world government, David Rockefeller, does not hide the goals of the secret government. His memoirs are freely available online. While admitting the charges of world conspiracy, he is proud of his role in it. They are already masters of America, no longer hiding, afraid of the world. Karl Marx can sleep peacefully in his grave. His ideas are at work all over the world!

The illustration shows a photo of David Rockefeller, the permanent director of the world secret government, and his ironic statement: “…If the CFR irritates conspiracy theorists, then the Bilderberg meetings must evoke apocalyptic visions of all-powerful international bankers conspiring with unscrupulous government officials to foist insidious schemes on an ignorant and unsuspecting world…“. Rockefeller was telling the real truth about how the “ignorant” world might feel about the Bilderberg conspiracies, presenting them as a joke. But there was not even a fraction of a joke in his statement.

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