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The twentieth century was full of bloody dramas. The nonsense of marxism multiplied and spread with the spiders of communism, nazism, zionism, anarchism, chauvinism, and dozen of other “isms”. These spiders have conducted wild experiments in different countries, where whole nations have become their victims. It is naïve to think that with the defeat of nazism in the hot war and the collapse of feudal Stalinist socialism in the cold war, humanity has been saved from the darkness of these doctrines. The experiments on the people continue today in the form of schizophrenic acts. In these experiments, 100 million people have already died and new millions are dying or will remain physically and mentally crippled forever.

Curiosity is inherent in every child. But as kids grow up, it atrophies, disappears in the primitiveness of life, and drowns in the streams of propaganda for many. Most live in myths, their minds entangled in dogmas. Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the Great British Empire, once said that history is written by the victors. I would only add here that history is invented by politicians and then commissioned by obedient slave historians to tell their fiction to millions. Churchill died when I was only 15, he never got my opinion. To be honest, I didn’t have an opinion about politicians at that young age. I only suspected that who the winners and losers of war are is a controversial question that only time can answer. Proof of this is Germany, which was defeated in two world wars and is again the strongest country in Europe, and masses of Slavs and Asians from the victorious countries are surrendering to it.

Yes, myths are created by storytellers, and their political masters make the masses believe in these myths. In the Soviet Union, for example, interpretations of history changed with each master, the general secretary of the country’s only communist party. As I grew up, my life experiences led me to reject the books of the titular liars and try to find answers on my own.
Hoping to find answers as to why people make wars, I began to study religious teachings. But I soon realized that these teachings were all myths. I became convinced that there is more hate than love in religious teachings. For the simple reason that every religion believes itself to be the only true religion. To bring more fanatic followers, and soldiers.
Then I decided to study the writings of philosophers. In the books of these men, many of whom were not quite sane and ended their lives in lunatic asylums, I found only the vain aspirations of vain idiots to glorify themselves in history. So I gave up reading this garbage as well.

So I decided to turn to those who had lived through the war, seen death, and experienced hardship. I began to study books and diaries of soldiers who were in the trenches on both sides of the front. And in the soldiers’ revelations, I found what I was looking for. I realized that the truth is always in the neutral zone. Politicians steal the glory from the soldiers and leave them with the shame of defeat. And they hide the truth of the trenches from the people.
The ambition of any power is always to turn its subjects into dummies, to turn their brains into sawdust. It is enough to infect the common people with consumerism, entangle them with loans, and immerse them in a cocoon of problems from which they cannot get out. In this modern slavery, some pamper themselves with expensive cars and outfits from glamorous couturiers. But these few are the weasels and thieves who lick the asses of their masters more diligently. Those who do not have such a flexible tongue, drink bitter and long for those times when vodka was cheaper. Many of them in those dreams have already drunk and died.

Studying events and facts, comparing expert assessments, and building cause-and-effect chains in search of the truth, I finally became convinced that politicians and their obliging academics were feeding people a surrogate, distorted version of history. And then I had the idea to write my book, to tell about all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century, about the experiments of politicians on people. To write a truthful history book for those whose brains are not yet frozen by propaganda. So that at least these few would begin to understand how they are deceived by politicians, dragged into their wars, and sent to death. I decided to call this book “History for Dummies”. This noun has several meanings. It refers to a plastic mannequin on display in a shop window. The mannequin’s head is empty or sawdust in it. This noun is also used to call a primitive, poorly educated humanoid. Your choice.

We know from the history of past centuries that wars used to be local. When two neighbors fought over a piece of land. Or one attacked the other to rob, convert, and enslave.
But in the twentieth century, wars became world wars, each involving dozens of countries. The nature of the wars was changed by political doctrines, especially Marxism, which multiplied like poisonous spiders. This delusional doctrine urged the poor to hate and destroy the rich. However, it was the rich bankers who financed the poor when they realized that the poor would help them to conquer the world. I explained the duality of this political doctrine in my book, which I began writing on the day of the tragedy that occurred in America on 11 September 2001. That tragedy was called Black Tuesday. But the poor world that has embraced Marxism will make the whole new century black.

Years after the tragedy, I had the idea of surveying the general public, asking them the same simple question: “How many buildings were destroyed in Manhattan on the morning of Black Tuesday? “. It was easy for me to do because I was a part-time taxi driver in those days.
I asked my question at different times of the day and in different parts of the city. My respondents were businessmen and lawyers, doctors and engineers. There were rednecks, prostitutes and drug dealers. In the end, I interviewed about two hundred people from all walks of life. It may surprise you, but I didn’t get ONE right answer! Even though it’s only been ten years since the tragedy!
The famous American novelist Gore Vidal, who had a subtle sense of humor, once joked that the abbreviation USA stood for “United States of Amnesia”. Amnesia is the loss of memory. From my own life experience, I can say that the population of many countries is affected by this syndrome. The bacilli of consumerism are more deadly than knowledge. People who do not know their history and cannot remember the past have an unenviable future.

Having lived for many years in countries with different political systems, observing the lives of people of all colors and religions, I know that the masses, zombified by the propaganda of their politicians, are always suspicious or even hostile to anything that does not conform to the dogma drummed into their heads. My book is written in simple language and is easy to understand, but I know that much of it will remain inaccessible to the zombified. So I address it to those who are thoughtful, who can read and analyze.
The first part of the book is about how Marxism came to America from Europe and what it did in the most freedom-loving country in the world. One day, just over 100 years ago, a certain powerful group of bankers, who had adopted Marxism as their powerful weapon, conspired against the people of America. The purpose of the conspiracy was to seize control of the country’s government and financial system. It was essentially a plan to destroy the Constitution and turn a republic of free men into an empire ruled by gold.
The book tells the story of those who financed revolutions in Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary and who were the architects of two world wars. It also contains the truth about Hitler and unknown facts about his rise to power. Readers will learn about those who profited from the Cold War, why and how the USSR collapsed, and what it meant for millions of citizens of many countries who knew nothing about Marxism and only now, having lived through the dramas of two world wars and being afraid that the third world war is already knocking at their doors they are beginning to learn about the Evil Empire that was preparing this nightmare to the world all those years.

Nowadays, you do not have to pay anything to get information. But the ignorance to get information could cost you everything.

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