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RISE TO POWER (chapters from the book “Hidden Traces of the Grey Wolf”).

I have been curious since I was a child. As I grew older, my curiosity developed into a hobby. I became interested in the history of mankind and discovered that it is explained to us in different ways. If we take, for example, the history of the great war that raged in Europe in the middle of the last century, the memories of my relatives and elderly friends who fought in that war are at odds with what academics who did not participate in it offer us in their books.
In every war, there are winners and losers. The winners write history to make themselves look like heroes. Or to justify their crimes. That’s how myths are created. I don’t believe in myths, my childhood was filled with echoes of that war and the pain of losing loved ones. I trust war veterans more than fake books.
The history of wars is also full of mysteries and secrets. The victors hide them behind thick walls of vaults. Once I came across rare memoirs of war veterans, and the facts stated in them, prompted me to search. I turned to the memories of veterans who fought in that war on different sides, all those who saw death and knew the smell of human blood. I recalled the stories of my older friends who had been both in the trenches of that war and concentration camps. In my research, I also used declassified materials of special services, memoirs of high-ranking officials of the Third Reich, and revelations of Gestapo and NKVD-OGPU officers. Such documents should be read thoughtfully because the authors’ profession taught them to hide their thoughts between the lines.

One of the mysteries of that war was the disappearance of Adolf Hitler from besieged Berlin in the last days of the war. The name Adolf means “wolf” in Old Germanic. The children of his favourite composer Richard Wagner called him “Uncle Wolf”. His yacht was called “Sea Wolf” and his airplane was called “Flying Wolf”. His headquarters in East Prussia was called “Wolf’s Lair.” His station in Ukraine near Zaporizhzhia was called “Werewolf”, and in France, it was called “Wolfschlucht”… Admiral Dönitz’s submarines were called the “Wolf Pack”, and Hitler once escaped aboard one of them to Argentina, where he was known to a few close associates as the “Grey Wolf”.
Victory propaganda portrays Hitler as a bloodthirsty idiot. But all prominent politicians recognized the fact that he was a smart political and military leader capable of subjugating the entire German people, and then the millions of Europe, to his will. Here is how his enemy, British Prime Minister Churchill, spoke of him:
One can despise Hitler’s system and still admire his patriotic achievement. If our country is defeated, I hope that we too will find a leader so admirable that he will once again inspire us with courage and restore us to our place among other nations“.

To distinguish truth from lies, you have to see the war from the trenches on both sides of the front. Applying this approach to my work, I found the truth in neutral territory, between the trenches. Millions of soldiers and officers of Stalin’s Red Army surrendered to Hitler during the war. But why do their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren continue to surrender to the Germans three-quarters of a century after that war? Politicians hide the truth from the population, steal the glory from the soldiers, and leave them with the shame of their defeats.
Hitler is gone and the question continues to be of interest. To understand why Hitler decided to disappear, it is necessary to remember that he came to power with the help of the German military top officers, it is necessary to know the reasons for the betrayals and attempts on his life, committed by the same military top brass.
The FBI released details of its investigation. A year ago the History Channel with 13 mln subscribers released a film “Hunting Hitler: Escape From Berlin”. (YouTube Jan 16, 2023 #HuntingHitler). After analyzing 700 pages of declassified documents, former UN war crimes investigator John Cencich concluded that Hitler did not shoot himself in the bunker. Bob Baer and Dr. John Cencich expand their investigation as to how Adolf Hitler could have escaped Berlin under siege.
Documents show that Hitler had a double. Moreover, Hitler’s alleged corpse disappeared before British and US authorities could examine it. It was hurriedly sent to Moscow, to Stalin.
According to J. Edgar Hoover, then head of the FBI, there was nothing in the secret documents to indicate that Hitler was dead. According to military experts and the chief Stalinist marshals whose troops took Berlin, Hitler could have flown to fascist Spain, from there to the Canary Islands, and on to Argentina. I cite their verbatim testimonies in my book “Hidden Traces of the Grey Wolf”.
I wrote about Hitler’s escape from Berlin and who helped him to do it long before the investigators confirmed it in their film. My copyright registration is 2019, four years before information appeared on ‘YouTube’. I am starting to publish chapters of an abridged version of my work on my website. The current Kremlin dictator is being compared to Hitler. This proves once again that the so-called “experts” who impose this nonsense on the masses are completely ignorant of history and are giving undeserved glory to a lowlife from the mud. After reading the chapters of my book, you will be able to form your own opinion. The book contains facts that are completely unknown to most people. But these facts influenced events known to the vast majority. The book is not allowed to be published elsewhere.



“If you want to build socialism, you better choose a primitive nation”.
(The first chancellor of the German Empire, von Bismarck’s advice to the Marxists).

Mankind has progressed because of wars. The fear of being killed forces man to use his brain to survive, to invent better weapons. That is why all discoveries and inventions are made for military forces. Flying into space, the internet, and the digital computer, to name but a few. This proves the fact that testing these inventions at war promises progress.
Peace leads to stagnation, laziness, obesity of the brain, degradation, and degeneration. This is how empires have disappeared, having reached their peak of power, from which they have fallen into the abyss. Until recently, to increase their power, wars were waged by attacking and occupying the territory of a neighbor. The weapon of the aggressor was religion, and the causes of all wars were religious disputes. The two world wars of the last century showed that the aggressors had a new weapon. It was an ideology. This new weapon was invented by three philosophies – Marxism, Nazism, and Zionism.
Politicians who adopted these philosophies waged an ideological war to enslave minds. Whoever owns people’s minds owns their territories. The last current war is taking place before our very eyes and is being fought over the planet’s dwindling resources. In this war, everything is based on the intimidation of humanity with nuclear weapons, and one day an idiot will press the button, triggering a domino effect.
Hidden in Marxism’s philosophy of universal equality and happiness is a plot to subjugate the masses to a bunch of controllers. The political program of this doctrine was formulated by Usher Ginzberg in the Theses of Practical Zionism and proclaimed as the action program of world Jewry at the 11th Zionist Congress in Vienna in 1913. This diabolical plan was immediately accepted by those who wanted to own the world and was therefore financially supported by all the banking houses of Europe and America.

The Marxists acted strictly according to the program of their mentor, who taught them to seize power in revolutions, the conditions for which are created in wars. Thus, already in the following year, 1914, the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Ferdinand, provoked a world war, in the fire of which Marxist revolutions broke out in three European empires – the Russian, German, and Austro-Hungarian.
In that war, Germany, surrounded by enemies, lost. No one could win a war on three fronts. And while hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were in the trenches, Marxists fomented rebellion on the home front. Soviet rule was proclaimed in Bavaria, and the bloody terror was the same as in Russia. Instead of drunken sailors and peasants with pitchforks, the German Marxists had criminals, pedophiles, and bandits who went out to plunder in troubled times. They were actively financed by Lenin and Trotsky, who had seized power in the Russian Empire. These aliens robbed and burned Russian museums and churches, and sent all the loot across the ocean to their banker masters. Who were the leaders of the German “proletariat”? The Central Committee of the Council of Workers’ and Soviet Deputies of Bavaria, was made up of… four Jews. The head of the committee was one Eugene Nissen, who used the pseudonym “Levin”. The other three were Toller, Eisner, and Landauer. In Berlin, the Marxist revolution led to the appearance of posters reading as follows:
Oh, poor deluded Germans! In Germany there are three Jews for every 200 Germans. But in today’s government there are 80 Jews for every 100 people…“.

Having failed in Germany and Austria-Hungary, they rushed eastwards to Afghanistan, boasting that their red cavalry would wash their horses’ hooves in the Indian Ocean. To protect themselves from this nightmare, the countries of Europe adopted the Anti-Comintern Pact. Fascism was born in Italy and Nazism was born in Germany.

After World War I, Germany was in shambles: hunger, unemployment, rampant crime. At this time the English banker Rothschild cynically declared that it was time to buy up German property. So, German Jews received funding from their fellow bankers in England and France. Factories, plants, newspapers, and radio stations were bought up for next to nothing. German workers were thrown out the door and Jews were recruited in their place. At night, the “nouveau riche” partied in restaurants, while Germans scoured rubbish dumps for scraps. Works of art were bought up all over the country: for a sack of flour or a rotten potato you could trade a Rembrandt painting from the family archive. Thus, those aliens whom the Germans sheltered on their land made fortunes. All this could not leave the Germans indifferent. And one day they would remind the aliens of that.

The meeting in Versailles divided and plundered defeated Germany. With shameful ultimatums, the world bankers tore the country apart and demanded contributions. The Ruhr, with its coal reserves and industry, was given to France. The entire German working class erupted in outrage, which culminated in a bloody uprising called the ‘Beer Putsch’. Soldier Hitler was a good orator and he quickly became one of the leaders of the Workers’ Party and the organizer of the coup. But the uprising was crushed, with 14 participants killed in clashes and several instigators sent to prison. Among them was Hitler, who was wounded in the arm. While awaiting trial in a Bavarian prison, Hitler read a lot: the works of Marx and Nietzsche, Kant and Feuerbach, Bismarck and Clausewitz. He read the works of philosophers, generals, and dictators known in history.

The main secret of success Hitler found in Marx’s theory. By analyzing his doctrine, Hitler realized that the immortality of the political leader lay in the idea that should seize the consciousness of millions. Hitler realized that his attempt to seize power by violent means was a mistake. He concluded that trust and support of the nation could only be gained through the will of the people, expressing the interests of millions of ordinary citizens. While in prison, Hitler wrote a book in which he modified the program of the National Socialist Party, reflecting the aspirations of millions of workers and explaining his aspirations as a concern for the people. He expressed the aspirations of millions of Germans of all classes and backgrounds and intended to reunite the fragmented German lands.
To achieve this plan, he demanded of the nation the absolutism of his power and expressed his willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of victory. Hitler threw this to the crowd, and the enthusiastic crowd recognized him as their leader. The enemies called his program of national revival “Naz-ism” and declared it a plague. But no one in Russia called Stalinist socialism “Com-ism”. This is probably because, unlike German National Socialism, the Bolshevik regime in Russia was bloody for its people, and there was no comism in it.

In March 1924, the instigators of the putsch were put on trial. Hitler refused to be represented by a lawyer and defended himself. He took full responsibility for the putsch. Strongly denying the charges of treason, he said in his speech: “What kind of criminal am I, when my life is aimed at restoring Germany’s honor and dignity in the world? I want to destroy Marxism and I intend to succeed. A man born to be a dictator does not submit to the will of others, he is the will; no one pushes him, he goes forward, and there is nothing reprehensible in that. The man who is destined to lead the people has no right to say, “If you want me, I will come. No, he must come himself!”

Hitler told the court that the failure of the putsch meant nothing and that Nazism was the future of Germany. He expressed his firm belief that the army would support him: “…The hour will come when the masses who today stand in the streets under banners with swastikas will unite with those who shot at them… The hour will come when the army will be on our side – officers and soldiers alike…”. With the Iron Cross on his lapel, a front-line soldier he smiled at the audience. His speech impressed the entire court, even the chief prosecutor.
Hitler was an emotional speaker, and the pathos of his speeches had a particular effect on women. On the day of the verdict, 1 April, the courtroom was filled with women carrying bouquets for the defendant. When the prosecutor ordered the flowers to be removed, the leader’s most enthusiastic admirers demanded to be allowed to visit the prison where their idol was being held and to use his bath.
Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He listened to the sentence in silence. Returning to his prison cell, he took out a new notebook and wrote on its cover: “When peace ends, the earth explodes, but not at all the belief in a just cause. The judgment of ordinary narrow-mindedness and personal malice is over. Today MY FIGHT begins. Landsberg, 1 April 1924.”

In prison Hitler was visited by politicians, military officers, diplomats, and economists. He later joked that in prison he had received a university education at no cost. These people helped him grow as a budding politician. Hitler remembered them all and thanked them all when he came to power. He was released after 9 months.

It was in the prison cell that he wrote ‘Mein Kampf’, which outlined his ideas. From prison, Hitler emerged as a mature statesman who clearly understood the mechanisms of economic management and the aims of his struggle. Having realized that it was a mistake to try to seize power by force, he now wanted to achieve it through the will of the people. Hitler declared that his first aim was to restore Germany’s injured honor, its lands, and its former greatness. But without a new war. He hit the nail on the head, for that was what all Germans, all the people, wanted.

The book contains facts that are completely unknown to most people. But these facts influenced events known to the vast majority. The next part “CONSPIRACY OF BANKERS” will help readers to understand who planned the Big War and dragged Germany into a bloodbath.

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